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Gain - give it a try

I have used many different detergents over the years. I was pretty passive as to which detergent I used. It could have been tide, bounty, snuggles, gain, even the off brands were fine me.

I would say about five years ago I had started to change my mind. I found myself more and more often buying gain. I was not a very popular brand.

At least it was not advertised very much. I just loved the way it smelled. I first started to use gain after a friend of mine had a tee shirt that smelled wonderful.

I asked her exactly what did she wash her clothes with. See told me it was gain. I am used to smelling the more popular detergents and that was a very unique distinct smell.

So i decided to give it a try. After I tried it. I would buy it here and there. after time I noticed that I would buy it more and more often. before I knew it I was hooked on it.

To me it just smells wonderful. some detergents leave your clothes a little to starchy or hard for me. Gain actually leaves my clothes very soft and smelling good.

anyone who has not already tried gain should at least give it a try. I can promise that you will be surprised at how good it smells and makes your clothes feel.you can bet on it. i give you my word.

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Nov 05, 2012
by: Patti

I love the fresh clean smell...is "h e" compatable and is a great cleaning detergent in hot or cold. Only wish it came it pods....

Oct 07, 2008
by: Sherry

I like gain laundry detergent because it has a refreshing scent. Always leaves my clothes smelling fresh as well as leaving my clothes feeling soft. It is a good value for the money.

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