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FRIGIDAIRE Washer/Dryer Combo FLEB8200DS

I recently purchased the FRIGIDAIRE Washer/Dryer Combo for our condo to save space. The model I choose is FLEB8200DS is one of the smaller models available, only 3.0 cubic feet but is very powerful for the money we spent (less than $1000). We looked at several different models and brands but stuck with the Frigidaire because our other appliances were by the same maker and we received a discount for purchasing three or more pieces (W/D combo counts as one unit) at once.

The variety of heat settings is convenient and have everything from the standard permanent press to nylon, heavy fabrics (tennis shoes) and normal. Luckily, we have not experienced any shrinking which I heard was common with smaller units due to limited heat flow. The washer handles average to full size loads -- several pairs of jeans. But not a king size comforter.

There are models ranging from 5/7 wash cycles but honestly, what's the difference? For my personal use, the only setting I need other than wash, rinse and spin is a "soak" option, which this unit has. You can actually set the timer to come on automatically. This is helpful for energy saving, I can set the machine to start in four hours, even when I'm asleep! Now, if we could just teach the clothes to walk from the washer to the dryer.

The dryer is actually a little more roomy and can handle an average load of towels in about 40 minutes. The only drawback we have discovered so far is that, as with any combo unit, there isn't much room to navigate in the washer (looking for lost coins, etc.) and it is a little dark. We have an electric unit which pushes up fairly close to the wall and does not require much room for ventilation. One other problem we had (which could be due to user error), was that the dryer door opened in the wrong direction and was not easily switched, although the hinges came off fairly easily. The problem was re-aligning the door, which is very lightweight. Again, probably due to user error.

All in all, I am extremely pleased with the unit and in fact, all the Frigidaire products we purchased.

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Sep 15, 2009
It's great but it doesn't save space
by: Anonymous

I have the Frigidaire Washer Dryer FLEB8200DS. I love how quiet they are! I am used to having a dryer that clunks around, but this one is well balanced and I really enjoy it!

I also like how energy efficient that they are. I was surprised when my utility bills went down after installing this new appliance.

The size is one bad thing about it. I got it to try to save space. But I didn't really. They are so wide! Another "con" is the dryer always needs maintenaince. Not anything major, but its still a bit of a hassel.

Overall, I really like this machine and I would recommend it to anyone on a budget but still looking for a nice appliance. Just don't get it because you are trying to save yourself any space. Because it won't do that for you :)

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