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Frigidaire Model # GLW1233A2

by Sebrina Collins
(Clarkrange, TN)

Frigidaire Gallery by Electrolux Model # GLW1233A2

This washing machine is a super heavy duty machine with super capacity. It has a two speed motor and 12 cycles. It has three wash temperatures which are hot/cold, warm/cold and cold/cold. It can handle three different load sizes which are small, medium and super.

The four main cycles of the 12 are white, colors, knits. delicates and soak/prewash. Of course, the other cycles within the cycles allow for the time setting in each cycle. This is an exceptional washing machine. It can handle 8 or more pairs of blue jeans at a time with ease. It has a removable dispenser for fabrics softener that when removed gives access to the filter so it can be cleaned. It has a receptacle on the front left hand side to add bleach to your wash and not directly to your fabrics.

This washing machine can handle the jobs I used to have to take to the laundry mat such as queen and king sized comforters for the bed. It runs very quietly. It has a safety mechanism built into the lid of the machine. After spinning, it takes two minutes for the mechanism to release itself so you can get into the machine to get your clothes out. This takes away any chance that you put your hands into a moving drum and risk getting hurt.

There are no bells or whistles when the mechanism releases, it just quietly unlocks allowing the lid to be re-opened. This particular machine is white which matched my dryer. I do not know if it comes in any other colors. I would definitely recommend this machine to anyone shopping for a new one. It is moderately priced and worth every penny. It can tackle a mountain of wash without any sounds of protest.

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