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Frigidaire GLWS1749 top load washer

One of the trusted brands in household appliances today is Frigidaire. It's top loader washers not only offer a budget-friendly option but are proven to be very intuitive when it comes to modern consumer needs. And Frigidaire GLWS1749 stays true to this promise.

It is a good household worker that operates with less noise as compared with others. This washer offers very reliable features at a competitive price.

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Product Overview

Frigidaire's GLWS1749 model is one of the home appliances that makes doing the laundry a fast and easy chore. The features not only make the washing more thorough but also hassle-free for most users. This top-loading washer is built with 3 cubic feet Titan 25 polypropylene wash tub. It can clean more in just one wash with LoadSaver Super Capacity Plus that helps cut off time in washing clothes.

The heavy-duty 2-Speed 3/4 HP motor is also a proof of its good quality. Among the features that made it stand out among the pack are the automatic temperature control, Sure-Spin suspension system, precision roll plus agitator, and precision wash system.

All these help make sure that users will benefit from a cleaner wash that is free from bad odor or greasy grime.

The automatic temperature control provides the desired temperature of water to fill in the tub. This also works for different types of fabric that requires different types of cleaning. The self-cleaning lint filter of this top-loading washer also minimizes the job for cleaning the tub. It removes threads or lints that were left in the tub to clean the machine really well.

GLWS1749 also operates more quietly than other top-loading washer with its Sound Silencer Plus feature the offers a good level of sound dampening. This way, users won't have much trouble doing other things such as reading while waiting for the wash cycle to finish.

The variable water control, on the other hand, also aids in determining if the water is enough for the load. This intuitive feature makes this washer only more efficient and advanced than other laundering machines.

Aside from bleach and fabric conditioner dispensers, it also has 17 wash/rinse cycles and four wash/rinse temperature combination: hot/cold, warm/cold, cold/cold, and warm/warm. The prewash cycle and power spin also provide more thorough cleaning especially for laundry items with stain or hard to remove dirt. The extra
rinse option and soak cycle are especially helpful.

Users can even opt for the hot water rinse. These make removing stain and detergent residue more effective, while the clothes also tend to dry faster.

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There are lots of advantages that the GLWS1749 model can offer to the consumers. One is that it is easy to operate because of its basic features; the control setting is not very difficult to use, free from the clutter of having too many buttons. Because this is a top load washer, it is not straining for the consumer to use it because there's no need to bend over to put in and pull out the laundry items. Many users of GLWS1749 also like that it has a soak option, which is helpful in dealing with stained materials.

The double agitator of this model is also an added benefit, because this will ensure a continuous roll over of the items inside the machine. Still, much of its appeal to consumers come from being decently priced. It is cheaper than front-loaders but still does a good job at washing and rinsing.

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Top loaders are not energy-efficient. More water is also required for washing and rinsing because it uses an agitator. So even if Frigidaire GLWS1749 is cheaper, in the long run, it can cost more when the utility bills are added to the cost. Aside from this, this model also has limited settings, although for some, this won't be a problem because they want a simpler way to operate their machines.

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Final Thought

This washer also has some limitations. But consumers have to focus on its benefits to know that this is still a good buy.

It offers good performance and value for its price. GLWS1749 is also quite easy to use. Its user-friendly features also makes it rank higher than other top-loading washing machines. Aside from being heavy-duty, it does a fine job at cleaning, with options to make sure that laundry items will come out almost fresh and new.
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• cheaper than other washers

• has hot water option

• has a variable water level control

• has double agitator

• has heavy-duty motor

• makes less noise

• not energy efficient

• uses more water

• has few control settings

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