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Frigidaire GLGT1031FS 27in Gas Laundry Center Washer 5.7 cu. ft.

As a combo washer and dryer from high quality brand Frigidaire, it has numerous features that can make washing and drying clothes a hassle-free task. Some of these nifty features include an advanced rinse technology and a highly durable drum that can handle big loads.

The Frigidaire GLGT1031FS washer/dryer. Dimensions include an exterior of 75-1/2 inches (height) x 27 inches (width) x 30-13/16 inches (depth).

Key features

- The unit uses an advance rinse technology.
- The machine's balanced dry system ensures efficient drying.
- It has a classy, white finish.
- It offers 3 spin speed and agitate combinations
- Users will enjoy the convenience of having a machine with bleach dispenser.
- The unit also has its own fabric softener dispenser.
- The unit is equipped with a LoadSaver super capacity feature.
- The lint filter has self-cleaning filters.
- The unit comes with a Sound Silencer Quiet Package.
- The durable tub is made of Titan 25 Polypropylene.
- Users can choose from a total of 10 wash cycles.
- Prewash and soak cycles offer more flexbility.
- The unit uses a Precision Wash System.


Because it's a combo washer and dryer machine, you'll definitely save on space and energy since you will only be using one machine to wash and dry your clothes. As a washer, this machine has 3 spin and agitate options, 3 options for water level adjustment, fabric softener dispenser, bleach dispenser, heavy duty two-speed 3/4 HP motor, and uses a Precision Wash System. It also has a super
capacity feature that will lessen your laundry load. If you don't want your washing machine to create too much noise when in use, this machine is perfect for you because of its Sound Silencer Quiet Package.

It also has a lint filter that cleans itself, along with a sturdy tub made of polypropylene. You can also choose from 10 wash cycles and 3 wash and rinse combinations. The 10 wash cycles include delicate, prewash, soak, and white cycles. As a dryer, it has a super capacity drum with a 5.7 cubic feet dimension, uses a balanced dry system, offers auto dry cycles, a 70-minute timed drying option, end of cycle signal, easy clean lint screen, four temperature options, and a cool down setting.


One disadvantage of this unit is that the drum is made of polypropylene and not stainless steel. And since this is a combo machine, the actual unit is quite bulky, and won't really fit inside a very small laundry area.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Uses an advance rinse technology
- Has 10 wash cycles
- uses a heavy duty two-speed 3/4 motor
- Uses a Precision Wash System
- Fabric softener dispenser
- Bleach dispenser
- 3 water level adjustment options
- 3 wash and rinse combos
- End of cycle signal for the dryer
- Dryer has four temperature options


- May be bulky for those with super small laundry areas
- Drum is made of polypropylene and not stainless steel
- Expensive compared to other models with similar features

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