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Frigidaire GLGH1642FS Washer

The unit is clean and compact. It is quite impressive with the Stainless Steel Drums inside, the washer can only be viewed from the window. There is also a courtesy light in the dryer.

The washer window is almost self cleaning the way the clothes constantly pass over it. The gasket where the door shuts seems to collect any debris or lint that is too large to exit the drain holes during a spin out.

This being said, you should check and clean this area after every wash just like the dryer lint trap. I suggest using an item (before washed) to wipe the area (once any debris is removed) or it gets slimly.

I have read other reviews that reference the same thing, it must be specific to the front loader styles not a problem with the unit.

Also, when the washer is going to be unused for a while after your last wash you should leave the door ajar when in between loads or unless dry other wise the door gasket will mold, per the Warranty Technician.

It was in the manual and I missed it until I called the service tech out. I also commented about the odor of the clothes smelling a bit moldy and asked it was related to the gasket.

He stated “DO NOT follow the HE liquid detergent instructions for the amount to be added”. The technician said only to use about 2 table spoons of detergent, NO MORE.

I have done these 2 things and have had fabulous results since. On other positive notes, this washer spins out so fast that the items require far less drying than my last top loader set. Most importantly it saves time being able to dry in shorter time.

There is plenty of room also, I have washed and dried a thin, king size comforter a few times. The reduced drying time must be saving me money. I have the electric dryer combo not the natural gas model and with less drying, it makes me feel like I have the energy star rated dryer combo.

- Size
- Capacity
- Spin speed

- A little pricey for the average apartment size dweller (assumed Target audience)

Rating: 5 out of 5

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