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Frigidaire GLGH1642FS 27in White Washer / Gas Dryer Laundry Center

The GLGH1642FS is a gas washer/dryer from Frigidaire that comes with a number of features in a simple and compact design. See the list of its key features and the pros and cons identified by consumers that will server as guide to buyers.

Key features

- The Tumble Cleaning System gives load a complete wash with the tumble and plunge action.
- The Sound Silence Plus System reduces the amount of noise in the machine.
- The on and off end cycle signal lets users know when a cycle is done with an audible beep.
- The stainless steel wash drum is durable and resists rusting and chipping.
- The short wash cycle is best for quick cleaning of garments.
- The short rinse auto option is available for quick rinsing.
- The automatic fabric softener and bleach dispensers are available for more convenience.
- The door lock light tells you that the door is secure.
- The Balanced Dry System dries the load by sending hot air all throughout the load to dry the garments evenly.
- The 80-minute timed dry is perfect for drying larger loads.
- The interior drum light makes looking in the interior of the drum easy and convenient.
- The precision moisture dry sensor makes determines the amount of moisture in the load and adjust the length of the drying cycle accordingly.
- The cool down setting allows the load to cool down before you unload.
- The quick-clean lint screen collects lint from the load and is easy to dump and clean to avoid build-up of lint.
- The drying rack allows you to dry shoes
and other items of clothing that you do not want to wrinkle.
- The turn to start knob is easy to use even when wet.
- The four auto dry cycles allows you to choose the best dry cycle for the kinds of fabrics in the load.
- The automatic water level means that the machine chooses the level of water to put according to the weight of the load.


One of the advantages of this machine is that it comes in a compact design with easy-to-use controls. It also has a number of useful features such as the cool down setting and the auto cycles, as well as the auto water level. The auto water level makes loading water easy because you do not have to guess how much water you need to put in.

The drying rack allows users to dry shoes as well. You also have more options when it comes to choosing the best programs for your fabrics. Finally, the stainless steel drum resists rusting and chipping, which means that there is less risk of damaging the fabric with rust.


One of the disadvantages of this machine is that the lint screen tends to overflow quickly so blockages are common. Another disadvantage is that the drum tends to develop a slight odor if not cleaned regularly and this odor can penetrate the load.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- easy to use
- simple controls.
- cool down setting perfect for cooling down the load before you unload
- has auto water level
- performs well


- lint filter tends to fill up and overflow, causing blockages

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