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Frigidaire GLEQ2152ES Gallery, Front Load Electric Dryer 5.8 Cubic Feet

White with with 7 Auto Dry Cycles and Electronic Controls

White with with 7 Auto Dry Cycles and Electronic Controls

Though the FRIGIDAIRE GLEQ2152ES electric dryer from the Gallery series does not offer the biggest drum capacity ever, it does offer a Super Capacity 5.8 cubic feet. The white-encased dryer also manages to combine the best of modern and traditional features, such as the combination of the convenient knob with the modern LED display in the control panel.

Interior Features
  • There are 7 auto dry cycles and 4 dryness levels. There are also 5 temperature settings. The appliance has room for adjusting the combination of settings to fit the required heat and cycle duration of each load. The user has to choose the dryness level that he prefers. While some users prefer thoroughly dried garments, some may go for the slightly damp dryness level.
  • There is an Auto Shrink Guard option that helps in preserving the size and condition of garments. The user does not have to worry about suddenly not fitting into some clothes. He still should read the full wash and care instructions on clothes, especially those that are obviously delicate or are expensive.
  • The FRIGIDAIRE GLEQ2152ES operates with a Tumble Care Drying System that ensures that the clothes are thoroughly dried but with their fabrics well-taken care of.
  • There is a 90 minute timed dry included in the FRIGIDAIRE GLEQ2152ES .

    Exterior Features

  • The FRIGIDAIRE GLEQ2152ES electric dryer comes with electronic controls. These controls may have a modern touch but are still convenient and easy to use. The secret to this ease of use is that dial controls are still included.
    Cycle selection is done through turning the knob. Modern touches include the LED display, which makes readings easy to read and accurate. The estimated remaining time is on display.
  • The door is reversible. It is also easy to reverse the door according to the more convenient position. It takes only a few minutes to do the reversing. A reversible door allows easy maneuvering and also allows easy installation.
  • The exterior's main color is white. However, a Gallery series model with the same set of specifications is also available in black. Whatever the choice of color may be, the FRIGIDAIRE GLEQ2152ES is a combination of modern and traditional, which brings both style and convenience.
  • There is a control lock feature that ensures that the door is closed while in use.

    Dimension Specifications

  • Depth (including hose and door): 29 1/2 inches
  • Width: 27 inches
  • Height: 36 inches
  • Weight: 105 pounds
    Volume: 5.8 cubic feet


  • The FRIGIDAIRE GLEQ2152ES electric dryer is stylish. The manufacturer has chosen the best of both traditional and modern and combined those features in this product. Electronic controls provide an updated look.
  • Ease of use and convenience are evident in features such as the reversible door, easy to read LED display and cycle dial.
  • The product has a large enough capacity to accommodate most loads.
  • Reversible door makes maneuvering easy.


  • There is no steam cycle available.

    Consumer Opinions


  • easy to use
  • has reversible door
  • large enough capacity


  • no steam cycle included

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