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Frigidaire GLEQ2152EE Gallery, Front-Loading Electric Dryer, 5.8 Cubic Feet

Black with Precision Moisture Sensor and Electronic Control Panel

Black with Precision Moisture Sensor and Electronic Control Panel

This 5.8 cubic feet electric dryer has 7 Auto Dry cycles and 4 Dryness Levels which can be programmed easily through the Electronic Control Panel. Its time setting starts from a 15-minute cycle to a 90-minute long tumble dry. The Precision Moisture Sensor prevents laundry from over drying by shutting off the system when the clothes are dry enough.

Interior Features
  • The dryer's 7 Auto-Dry cycles include the basic settings: Normal, Heavy Duty and Delicates. A 25-minute cycle called Quick is also added. There are 4 temperature levels with a no-heat setting called Air Fluff. Choose between the Damp Dry, Normal, Less Dry, and More Dry for the laundry's Dryness Level.
  • To prevent laundry from getting too much heat, the Precision Moisture Sensor routinely checks the humidity inside the drum while on a cycle. The dryer is turned off when the sensor detects that the garments are ready. Aside from this, the Tumble Care Dry and Auto Shrink Guard options are also used for laundry care.
  • The 5.8 cubic feet drum is made of stainless steel. It is fitted with an interior light, which automatically turns on when the door opens and then turns off when the door shuts. A Quick Clean Lint Screen is fixed inside the drum to filter stray fibers from clothes.

    Exterior Features

  • The Electronic Control Panel has dials and option buttons that allow user to control the unit without difficulty. The board is also equipped with cycle signal lights, an End of Cycle signal, and a Control Lock button.
  • Right at the bottom of the dryer's control panel is the reversible door. The door can be hinged from either left or right
    side of the opening. It is made of clear glass with chrome frame and handle.
  • The dryer can be set up alone, mounted on the SpaceWise drawer pedestal, or stacked on top of a companion washer. Available colors are Black and White.

    Dimensions Specifications

  • Height: 36 inches
  • Width: 27 inches
  • Depth: 28.25 inches


  • The unit is equipped with the Precision Moisture Sensor.
  • A 20-minute fast drying cycle can dry up to 8 lbs. of mixed clothing.
  • Shrinking of clothes are prevented by the dryerís Auto Shrink Guard option.
  • The electronic control panel provides easy operation.
  • The dryer has 4 dryness levels.
  • Heat-sensitive items can be dried with the air-dry option called Air Fluff.
  • Volume adjustment for the End of Cycle Signal is possible.


  • Although steam can be helpful in lessening creases and odors on clothing, a steam cycle is not incorporated in this unit's programs.
  • With the 5.8 cubic feet capacity, this dryer holds less clothes than the average dryers.
  • According to some users, the control panel fails after using the unit for a year of two.
  • Many users complain about the status indicator giving error signals when there is no problem at all.

    Consumer Opinions


  • with 7 auto-dry cycles
  • with no-heat Air Fluff drying
  • Precision Moisture Sensor
  • has 5 temperature levels
  • Quick cycle
  • Auto Shrink Guard
  • Tumble Care Dry
  • Electronic Control Panel
  • has 3 status indicator lights
  • SpaceWise technology reversible door
  • End of Cycle signal with adjustable volume
  • Control Lock
  • Quick Clean lint screen
  • stackable


  • there is no steam cycle
  • smaller drum means smaller capacity
  • most units are said to have defective control panels

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