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Frigidaire GLEH1642FS 27in Electric Laundry Center 3.1 Cu. Ft.

The GLEH1642FS is a washer and dryer model that comes loaded with such features as the Advanced Rinse Technology and water and power-saving options. If you want to learn more about this washer-dryer combo from Frigidaire, read on.

Key features

- The Advanced Rinse Technology uses a fresh batch of water for rinsing the load to remove the last traces of detergent and soap from the fabric.
- Low power and water consumption means that users can save more in power bills. The machine can save on power and water by as large as 70%.
- The Load and Go feature means that the machine automatically loads and releases bleach, detergent, and fabric softener when it is needed.
- The Silent Design reduces the noise in the load.
- The Balanced Dry System draws hot air from the back of the drum and distributes it evenly through the load for equal and efficient drying. This reduces longer drying on the hot spots, which can burn clothes.
- The stainless steel drum resists rust and chipping that occur in other kinds of drums. The stainless steel material allows the drum to withstand faster spin cycles compared to other drums.
- Various washing and drying cycles allow you to choose the specific program that best suits the fabrics in the load.
- Special dry cycles allow you to choose a specific cycle for jeans, towels, and large items.
- The air fluff feature dries without heat to reduce the risk of damaging the fabrics.
- The drum light illuminates the inside of the drum
for more convenience with loading and unloading.
- Steel top and lids reduce the risk of rusting in these parts of the unit.
- The Extra Rinse cycle allows you to give the load one final rinse.
- The wrinkle reduction feature is the perfect setting for fabrics that wrinkle easily.


One of the main advantages of this unit is the stylish white finish. The Advanced Rinse Technology is also another user favorite, which uses a fresh batch of water for removing traces of detergent and soap from the load. The power and water saving options are also another advantage.

Compared to units with no power saving options, users get to save up to 70% of power and water with this machine. The Load and Go feature is another convenience feature that eliminates the need to pour bleach, detergent, and fabric softeners every time you do the laundry.


One of the disadvantages with this unit is the noise. Noise tends to be minimal at first use, but after a few months, the noise can increase. Drum lights tend to break down easily, as well as the electronic control panel. The vibration can also increase along with the noise.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- stylish white finish
- rinses the load with a fresh batch of water to remove traces of detergent and soap
- saves up to 70% of power and water.
- can clean well


- noise tends to increase with more use
- drum lights tend to break down easily
- electronic control displays also break down easily

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