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Frigidaire Gallery Series, Model #GLEH1642DS1

by Jessica
(Bloomington, IN, USA)

My stackable washer and dryer unit is great in many ways. The best feature of the unit is the fact that it fits in a small closet in my apartment. What's amazing about it though, is that it is able to fit and wash properly a medium-sized load of clothes despite its being so small (front-loading).

It has a little drawer that comes out where you put the detergent, bleach, and fabric softener, and it has timed-releases for the bleach and fabric softener. It works great with both powdered and liquid detergents--no worries about undissolved powder here! Also, you don't have to use much detergent at all--really, just to the very bottom fill line. It's very efficient, and I enjoy it quite a bit.

The only problem is that when you open the door, there is often a small amount of water resting at the bottom of the round rubber seal, and it sometimes can get smelly (mildewy) if it's not wiped up after each use. Even wiping it up after you use it isn't entirely effective, because water tends to collect there after the cycle is complete, even after you have closed it and moved on to the drying portion of your laundry regimen. I have found that washing clothes with bleach takes away any problem this water could cause by interacting with your clothes as you put them in.

A neat feature of it is that you can turn the drum by hand in order to check and make sure there aren't any socks stuck to the sides of it--this is especially handy, as the spin cycle can be exteremely powerful if you want it to be!! (There are two settings--spin and extra spin).

All in all, I would highly recommend this stackable washer/dryer unit to anyone in a small, urban apartment who is willing and able to pay the increased initial cost of a stackable unit. It is especially good for singles or couples without children, as large and extra-large loads are not practical due to the size of the drum.

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