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Frigidaire Gallery Series Heavy Duty Dryer

by Debbie
(Tazewell, VA USA)

Over the years,(30 to be exact)my husband and I have owned a number of dryers. He used to be an appliance repairman, and we often used what someone traded in. Being a newly wed couple, at first the money was tight. So, we used what we had. Most of them were GE brand, some Frigidaire, even had a Crosley at one time.

But the one we own now, is the Frigidaire Gallery Series, Heavy Duty Dryer. It is the companion to the Frigidaire Front Load Washer. The price was reasonable as well. We believe that "you get what you pay for". This is by far, the best set we have ever owned. The dryer dries in about 1/2 the time, it seems. The range of temperature settings, and cycles are very beneficial.

We have no problems out of it, and have had it over 2 years now. I have one son still at home, so there is 3 of us here, and the dryer gets used a lot. With the drying time being less, it is easy on the electricity bill also. It has a buzzer that goes off before the clothes stop, so that I can get them out and they will be wrinkle free.

The setting I use most often is on medium heat, normal dry. That cycle takes about 50 minutes. Depending on the load size, that will completely dry the clothes. The drum is large enough to hold a comforter with ease. This dryer is by far, the best one I have ever owned. Some days it goes no stop, if I am doing bed linens, and draperies.

On an average day, I do at least 4 loads of laundry. If the weather permits, I will put them outside on the clothes line, but if not, I use the dryer.

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Apr 24, 2013
by: Mary from NJ

I've had my Frigidaire Gas Dryer FDG648GHSO since 2001, almost 12 years. I too have had the repairman out numerous times, and they did nothing.

One recurring problem is the dial settings knob keeps breaking; $25. and a wait to get a new one. The plastic pull on the door was always loose; last year it broke off, but the dryer still works. It takes a long time to dry clothes, though; more than one cycle.

3 years ago I got tired of the brown slash marks on the sheets & white clothes, so I located some online videos of how to fix a dryer. It was so easy; I disconnected and fixed my own dryer! All it needed was a new lower felt "cushion" between the drum and the front panel, the part cost $35. I was 56 years old......hey, if I can do it, so can you!

Apr 14, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have had a set of these for 6 years. I love them. Have never had a problem with them and clean and dry perfectly good. I do the regular maintenance on them like vacuum out the dryer. Would and have recommended these countless times. Never seen anyone disappointed it them before.

Jun 07, 2011
The Worst Machines I've had in 57 years
by: Anonymous

Frigidaire Front Load - Washer Model is GLTF2940ES, Gas Dryer is GLGQ2152EE3. BOTH UNITS NEEDE NEW CONTROL BOARDS IN THE 1ST YEAR. Now, the machines are less than 3 years old and AGAIN, the CONTROL BOARD for the Dryer is MALFUNCTIONING. Do they purposely make TERRIBLE ELECTRONIC CONTROLS, so that we must buy extended warranties?

Oct 03, 2010
Model number?
by: Diana

My dryer squeeks. Can I please have the dryer model number that goes with my washer GLWS1339CS1?

Apr 06, 2010
loving it
by: Sarah Sager

I Love it. My problem is ; we are about to relocate and our new home is gas. Is it possible to convert my new machine to gas or am I going to have to have to buy again!

Nov 16, 2009
Gallery Series heavy duty dryer
by: Anonymous

I am so surprised to read that this got great reviews from the woman married to a repairman!

I have this machine, & the Gallery Series Heavy Duty Washer, too.

they were not cheap, but we bought it because the salesman assured us this was a great machine, & would be able to handle our queen sized sheets and bedspread, (separately of course) easily! so, we were sold. a lemon.

We purchased said machines, had them installed by the same co. & within 3 mos I had the repairman out to fix them 3 times!

the last time was the final straw, when he asked me to show him my 'typical' load of laundry. only having 2 people in the household, this came to 3 pr of pants, 4 t-shirts, and 8 pr of socks. not exactly a heavy load by any means in my opinion! he laughed and told me he "sees my problem!" "you should NEVER wash socks with your other clothes--they should always be washed separately!"

I've been doing laundry for nearly 35yrs. now, and have never met such a moron in my life telling me that. next time, I went with the Sears repairman, who told me he was constantly fixing these machines-and he hated to tell me this, but they were lemons in his opinion. (yeah? you think?)

unfortunately, I cannot afford to replace these machines at this time--I've only had them for 3yrs. and they break down more then I can count. I'd have been far better off taking my laundry to the laundromat and saved money doing so!

the dryer never dries things in one load. The same size load mentioned above can take me 2hrs. to dry on high. the mate to this dryer--the washer--is worse yet.

mold develops inside the machine, so that after I am finished with the laundry for the day, I have to spray bleach onto a sponge, and wipe out the interior of the machine, and then dry it completely. I also have to leave the door open after doing this--to ensure it is completely dry. also I have to wash just inside the front loading washer, where the rubber lining is--to ensure no mold or mildew is there and I am always finding excess water in it. then, the soap and fabric softener dispenser--no, don't forget about that! i have to remove that as well after doing laundry to clean it, as it will also get moldy.

the worse machines I have ever come across and I wish I could afford to blow them up and replace them. I wouldn't pass this machine onto my worst enemies!

and, just in case you think 'well, this is only 01 complaint', I've met 2 other people who have purchased the same exact machine and have the same exact problems and the one family had worst problems! within the 6 mos. period of owning her machine, she had to have the motor replaced--as it was not working properly. she had it done, and it is STILL a terrible machine!


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