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Frigidaire Gallery Model GLWS1339CS1

by Shannon
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

When my husband bought our home nearly three and a half years ago, this washing machine was included in the purchase, and I have been using it since we married two and a half years ago. My feelings toward this washing machine are pretty much neutral. It gets the job done and does a fairly good job getting the clothes clean. It could perform better, but it could be much worse.

The Frigidaire washing machine we own is a white model that is five years old. The sticker on the inside of the washing machine's lid has a date of January 2004.

It has thirteen cycle settings, three temperature settings, and a variety of load size settings ranging from small to super. I find the settings very handy - I select the water temperature and load size for the load I am doing, and then I select the Whites, Colors, or Knits/Delicates setting, depending on the type of load I am doing.

There is also a Soak/Prewash setting that can be helpful when washing something that is especially soiled and could use a little extra washing. You can also select the Extra Rinse option. This option allows you to run your load of laundry through an extra rinse cycle, after the first rinse cycle has completed, to rinse out any extra soap or dirt that may not have gotten rinsed out the first time. I rarely use the extra rinse option, but I have found it to be useful to get all the bleach out when washing whites or towels.

This machine also includes spots to load the bleach and fabric softener at the start of the cycle so that you don't have to remember to do it at a specific time later on. That option definitely comes in handy!

Another great thing about this washing machine is that it has a super-sized capacity. It may not hold as many clothes as a lot of the newer front-loading washers do, but it holds quite a bit more than comparable top-loading machines. I can easily wash 8-10 pair of my husband and I's jeans without overloading the washer.

The only complaint I have is that sometimes clothes that go through the delicate cycle don't seem to get completely clean and need a second delicate cycle to get everything nice and fresh. I wash quite a bit of delicates, so this is somewhat of a pain in the neck, but for someone who doesn't use the delicate cycle often, it wouldn't pose a problem.

I believe this washing machine (new) runs about $400. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a relatively inexpensive replacement to their current washing machine.

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