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Frigidaire FWS123 top loading washer

The FWS123 is just one example of Frigidaire's well-featured washers that work well at providing clean and fresh laundry after every use.

It has almost the same modern features found in other washing machines. But despite the advantages of using the Frigidaire FWS123, some consumers have also reported minor inconveniences.
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Product Overview

The Frigidaire FWS123 can definitely work well for people who need clean and fresh laundry in a jiffy. It's space-, energy-, and cost-efficient, making it a dependable washer for users who have specific laundry needs. Priced reasonably at just below $500, the Frigidaire FWS123 is a great option for users who want to have a hard-working washer at a smaller price. The Frigidaire FWS123 washer may seem like just another appliance. However, this laundering machine packs in a lot of good stuff with its key features and specifications.

Its Titan 25™ polypropylene wash tub has a capacity of 3.0 cubic feet, so users can do heavy loads of laundry at a time. The washer’s LoadSaver™ Super Capacity not only allows the washer to take on more loads but also maximizes the machine’s use of detergent, water, and energy to help save on cost.

To get rid of stains and dirt more thoroughly, the Frigidaire FWS123’s prewash cycle runs laundry items through a round of clean water. This ensures that dirt and stains are removed without leaving any detergent residue on the fabric. For fabric types that require a little more time for dirt and stains to come out, users have to turn on the soak cycle.

This washer is equipped with heavy-duty 2-speed 3/4 HP motors that operate smoothly. Different types of fabrics are handled with care, while stains and dirt are driven out thoroughly using the washer's three agitate/spin speed combinations. The washer does a good job at washing more delicate types of clothing as well as running a quilt. It provides thorough cleaning without damage to the fabrics.

The Frigidaire FWS123 also allows users to take care of their laundry the way they want to. With its 3-position water level adjustment, water usage is regulated based on the load. Its Precision Wash System has a total of 12 cycles, while the three wash/rinse temperature combinations (hot/cold, warm/cold, and cold/cold) make sure that the fabric pieces are washed well, preserving the quality and colors of the fabrics during the spin.

Other features such as the washer’s self-cleaning lint filter makes sure that the laundry comes out clean and lint-free. The bleach dispenser and the fabric softener dispenser are accessories that regulate the amount of detergent, bleach, and fabric conditioner used during each cycle to protect the fabric from damage.

After washing and rinsing, the Frigidaire FWS123 also acts as a spinner that effectively wrings out excess water from the laundry. The Sure-Spin™ suspension system and the power spin cuts the time spent on drying the laundry as well as the energy used when putting it in a dryer.

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The Frigidaire FWS123 offers a good list of benefits. Consumers particularly like its compact and top-loading capability that helps save space. Though it's top-loading, this washer is quite economical to use as it helps regulate the use of detergent, water, and energy depending on the weight of the load and the type of fabric being washed. For those who are looking for a durable washer but are limited by their budget, the Frigidaire FWS123 is a good alternative to other modern washers that come with a hefty price.

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Though its size makes it suitable for cramped spaces, this washer just can’t be installed into spaces without the proper headroom. Space that could have been used as a shelf for detergents and other laundry paraphernalia is also taken up. Its motor may be efficient, but users can't help but notice the noise it makes during operation.

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Final Thought

When looking for a trusted brand, it’s worth looking into Frigidaire washers because of their price and performance. Despite the slight inconveniences of using the Frigidaire FWS123, this washer is still a good option for those who want to enjoy the benefits of having their own washer without the high cost and the fuss.

Single users and small families can definitely make full use of its 3 cu. ft. tub for all their washing needs. This small washer packs in a lot of useful features that can otherwise be enjoyed in larger and more detailed units but minus the cost and the bulk.
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• quite economical to use

• efficient

• fast-working

• reasonably-priced

• compact

• noisy

• moves or dances across the floor if not properly installed

• top-loading capability needs a lot of head room or space

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