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Frigidaire FTF2140 Front Load Washer 3.5 cu. ft.

To comply with the requirements of modern living, appliance manufacturers continue to design washers that are becoming more and more efficient. Aside from multiple settings for the perfect wash, they now come in designs and features that makes washing dirty clothes safer, as well as more economical and practical.

With numerous washers that are now out in the market, the FTF2140F - 10 cycle front loader washer by Frigidaire surely won't take the backseat. Known for the many firsts in home appliance technology, Frigidaire introduces an improved front load washer technology that will surely benefit more households in many parts of the world.
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• can help save energy

• can save on water and detergent use

• runs smoothly with less noise

• components prone to repairs

• has relatively smaller capacity

• not ideal for bigger families

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Product Overview

Though Frigidaire has become a household name for freezers and refrigerators, the appliance company has also expanded to include many other innovations, including washing machines. FTF2140F is a 10-cycle front load washer that accommodates enough laundry tasks than other washers because of its acceptable capacity of 3.5 cubic feet.

Like other front loaders, FTF2140 also doesn't have an agitator and requires less water consumption.

Therefore, it can accommodate more loads and can work more efficiently. This model comes with dispensers for fabric conditioner, bleach, and detergent, which can all be set automatically.

The Tumble Action Cleaning System also enables clean washing and can handle the laundry needs of three to four people, although this washer is not one with the largest capacity.

Washing ability

Aside from 10 wash cycles, it also comes with three wash and four speed combination. Basically, all that's needed is to configure the wash/rinse cycles of the FTF2140 to come up with the perfect wash for different types of fabric and cloth.

The wash cycle depends on the fabric of the clothing and the amount of dirt or grime. To remove stains, the washer is set for longer wash time and more cycles. The water level is automatically set by the washer, depending on the preferred settings and load.


The heavy soil/stain cycle is best for hard to treat stains that works by allowing longer soaking time and more thorough wash cycle. Thanks to the electronic controls, FTF2140 also allows for easy programming to meet the needs of many users.

There are also indicator lights that help estimate the wait time, so users can still accomplish other tasks while doing the laundry.

Neat features

The 8-hour delay-start timer is another good feature of this
front loader washer. Because of this feature, it's easier to configure the washer to one's own convenience. Other interesting programs and neat additions to normal front loaders are cycle status lights, door lock light, on/off end-of-cycle signal, and the stainless steel wash basket. All these make Frigidaire FTF2140 work better than other washing machines.
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Frigidaire FTF2140 has the Energy Star seal. According to some owners, this not only gets them to save on water and detergent cost but also on electricity consumption. Despite the lower capacity compared to other washers, it can still accommodate more loads because of the Tumble Action Cleaning System.

This system enables thorough cleaning in less time. Installation options allows this washing machine to fit in almost any home. It can be hidden in the closet, placed underneath a tall counter, or be used as a freestanding home appliance. Best of all, its many programs allow for flexibility in use.

Like many front loader washers, people who bought this model liked the fact that Frigidaire FTF2140 doesn't produce a clunky sound while operating. It can clean clothes nicely, without destroying the fabric. Furthermore, this washer comes with warranties for motor parts and inner wash basket.

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Most people who bought this model felt that the automatic controls of the washer are more prone to wear and tear compared to using mechanical dials and buttons. Because of the constant use of these buttons, they may be subject to more frequent repairs.

This model of washing machine is a;sp not advised for larger family use because of its limited capacity. Another cited disadvantage is that it uses less expensive components, which can affect quality.

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Final Thought

FTF2140 is a well-featured front loader that offers many convenient options for washing. Though it has relatively smaller capacity, tumble action cleaning helps accommodate more load and does a fine job at cleaning. Compared to other front loaders, it is a bit cheaper and offers almost the same quality when it comes to laundry washing.

The design is sleek and modern. It can be fitted to almost any available space at home and match the interior design. By knowing the right settings and programs to use, this is one home appliance that's worth having.

So despite having some drawbacks cited by users, Frigidaire FTF2140 is still a good buy if looking for something that can work efficiently and packs in a good number of benefits. It is moderately priced, has above-average performance, decent features, and is easy to use.

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