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Frigidaire FGX831FS 27in Gas Laundry Center 5.7 Cu. Ft.

If you've been looking for a highly efficient washer and dryer combo machine, look no further and check out Frigidaire's FGX831FS. This machine is a new and improved unit that has a better spin speed, lower drying time, and improved energy efficiency. This machine also offers a maximum 1200 rpm spin speed, and less maintenance needs. When looking for a washing machine and dryer combo that's easy on the environment and on your pocketbook, the Frigidaire FGX831FS is worth a try.

Key features

- The unit has an extra-large capacity tub for washing.
- The wash tub is made of Titan 25 Polypropylene.
- The unit uses a Precision Wash System.
- The machine offers eight wash cycles.
- The unit uses a sure-spin suspension system.
- The single speed 3/4 Hp motor is heavy duty and powerful.
- Its washer features include two spin and agitate speed combos.
- It offers three wash-rinse combos.
- It has a bleach dispenser.
- The unit includes a self-cleaning filter for lint.
- The dryer for the drum has a 5.7 cubic feet capacity.
- The machine uses a balanced dry system.
- It offers a cool down setting
- It has an auto dry, timed, and 100-minute timed dry cycles.
- The unit has an end of cycle signal.
- The start button is easy to recognize and use.


As an efficient washing machine, this unit has a super-large capacity drum that's made of Titan 25 Polypropylene. It also uses a Precision Wash System and offers a total of eight wash cycles. Through the sure-spin suspension system, you're assured of
an efficient washing process.

When dealing with large loads every washing time, don't worry because this unit as a heavy duty and powerful single speed 3/4 Hp motor. You can also choose from a total of two spin and agitate speed combinations and three wash-rinse combinations. For your convenience, the unit also includes separate dispensers for the bleach and fabric softener. The lint filter has self-cleaning features, making machine maintenance hassle-free. As for the dryer, it has a capacity of 5.7 cubic feet.

It also uses a balanced dry system for efficient and faster drying. Aside from a cool down setting, this unit also offers a 100-minuted timed, timed, and auto dry cycles. At the end of each signal, the machine sends out a signal.


Because this machine doesn't have sound-proofing features, some consumers have complained that this machine vibrates and makes too much noise. Compared to other several models, it offers less wash cycles. The drum is also not made of stainless steel, and is instead made of polypropylene.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Easy to use
- Affordable
- The washer uses a super-large capacity drum
- Offers 8 wash cycles
- Uses a Precision Wash system
- Offers three wash-rinse combos
- Has a bleach dispenser
- Has a fabric softener dispenser
- The start button is easy to use
- The dryer has an auto dry, 100-minute timed dry, and timed cycles
- Has a signal for end of cycle


- No sound-proofing features
- Vibrates and is too noisy
- Has less wash cycle options]
- Tub is not made of stainless steel

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