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Frigidaire FGQ1452HS, White Front-Loading Gas Dryer, 5.8 Cubic Feet

Precision Moisture Sensor and Dryness Selection

Precision Moisture Sensor and Dryness Selection

This entry-level gas dryer has 5.8 cubic feet capacity, 7 cycles, 4 temperature levels and 4 dryness selections. It is equipped with the Precision Moisture Sensor, a useful technology that monitors humidity of the load. The control knobs are located in front of the cabinet for easy access.

Interior Features

  • The 5.8 cubic feet, corrosion-proof stainless steel drum an average-size load. A light is fixed inside the drum to illuminate the interior while loading and unloading clothes. The lint filter is easy to detach and clean.
  • Choose from the dryer's 7 cycles for efficient and effective drying. The Auto Dry cycle uses the sensor to adjust dryer settings. The Normal cycle is for cotton items, while the Perm Press cycle is for cotton blends with non-iron finish.
  • The Precision Moisture Sensor checks the dampness level of the laundry and regulates the temperature according to the load's requirements. This system automatically turns the dryer off when the clothes are ready even before the cycle time ends.

    Exterior Features

  • The controls consist of knobs and buttons. Cycle and temperature settings use knobs for adjustments, while drying options and dryness levels are programmed by using buttons. Indicator lights show the preferred drying settings.
  • The rectangular door is placed at the center of the unit. It is made of steel and has a circular glass window. The door is reversible and can be affixed from either side.
  • The dryer unit can be placed on top of a matching washer by using the stacking kit. It may also be used as a stand-alone
    machine, or with the pedestal. This unit comes in White and Black.

    Dimensions Specifications

  • Height: 36 inches
  • Width: 27 inches
  • Depth: 28 1/4 inches


  • A fast, 20-minute drying cycle is included in the unit's 7 cycles.
  • The unit's Precision Moisture Sensor keeps the laundry from getting over-dried or under-dried.
  • Program setting is made easy with the help of control knobs and buttons.
  • A dryer with a reversible door is easier to fit inside a small area.
  • The Air-Fluff cycle is handy for drying feather pillows, foams, and other items that are not suitable for heat-drying.


  • Useful in preventing wrinkles and unpleasant smell on clothes, a steam cycle is now a common program in most dryers. However, this unit does not offer a steam cycle.
  • The dryer has a limited number of cycles.
  • This dryer unit does not have a sanitary cycle for killing bacteria germs.
  • The remaining cycle time and cycle status is hard to determine because this unit lacks a digital display.
  • The expensive price is not worth the limited features.

    Consumer Opinions


  • with air-dry option
  • the Precision Moisture Sensor keeps clothes from over-drying
  • 20-minute Quick cycle
  • timed dry
  • easy to use knobs and buttons
  • one-push start button
  • has an optional end of cycle alarm
  • with cycle status signal lights
  • with space-saving reversible door
  • with interior drum light
  • easy to clean lint filter


  • has no steam cycle
  • doesnít have a Sanitize option
  • no LED/LCD display
  • less special options
  • pricier than other dryers with similar features

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