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Frigidaire FEX831FS

by Nancy B.
(Kirtland, Ohio, USA)

Since I live in an older mobile home, the only kind of washer & dryer there is space for is a one piece combo. Combo units in general tend to be a little pricy than traditional washers and dryers, but this Frigidaire is one of the most reasonably priced combos yet it has an extra large capacity washer!

It's a very attractive white unit and fits into a minimum amount of space. Yet when they say extra large capacity, they aren't kidding! I can wash just as much in it as I could in my full sized machine I used to have that was also an extra large capacity one. The washer part is top loading and sticks out just a couple more inches than the dryer, and I've found this to be very useful - when it's time to transfer the clothes to the dryer, I just pop open the top, and in one motion pull the clothes out and up into the dryer on top. No carting them across the floor and losing a stray piece or two, and then having to rewash them. I also sometimes use the closed washer for folding a few things as I pull them out of the dryer. There's not enough room there to fold the whole load, of course, but I can sort as I pull things out to fold and it works out very nicely.The washer has choices for hot, warm and cold, and large, medium and small loads, just like a traditional washer. The dryer can be run on automatic or timed, and there is a light setting.

I do wish this washer had a delicate cycle - there is only one motor speed, and a fabric rinse dispenser. It is also a somewhat noisy machine. But it does do a good job of doing what it is supposed to do – washing and drying the clothes, and I have been very happy with this purchase.

I would say the main pros of this machine are the large capacity in limited space, and reasonable price for a combo unit.

Cons would be the missing features I would like – a fabric softener dispenser and a delicate cycle.

All in all, for what it is meant to do I would give this machine a 4 out of 5.

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