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Frigidaire FEQ1452HE Front Load Electric Dryer, 5.8 Cubic Feet

Black with 7 Auto Dry Cycles and Precision Moisture Sensor

Black with 7 Auto Dry Cycles and Precision Moisture Sensor

Noticeable in shiny black, the FRIGIDAIRE FEQ1452HE electric dryer may be better known for its fabric care, made possible through its dryness levels. With a precision moisture sensor, the dryer can provide the dryness level and fabric care that the user requires. The product also has 7 drying cycles that are each designed for varying purposes and varying fabrics.

Interior Features

  • The FRIGIDAIRE FEQ1452HE electric dryer has 7 drying cycles, 4 dryness level selections and an adequate number of temperature levels. Because of these options, the user can customize the settings according to the needs of his laundry.
  • 4 dryness level selections are enough to provide the user with choices that will benefit his laundry. The four options are Damp, Normal, Less Dry and More Dry. For those who want thoroughly dried garments the More Dry option is recommended. As for those who will be ironing their laundry after, the Damp setting can make the fabrics easier to iron.
  • The dryer comes with the most basic temperature levels: Low, Medium and High. The Air Fluff temperature level is added so that the appliance can effectively dry garments with air only. Some garments may be sensitive to heat.
  • The FRIGIDAIRE FEQ1452HE electric dryer does not have an Energy Star certification. It also does not have an Energy Saver option. The correct choice of options, however, can promote efficient and energy-saving cycles.

    Exterior Features

  • One of the better-known features of the FRIGIDAIRE FEQ1452HE dryer is its reversible door. The reversible door allows more movement even in smaller laundry areas. It also accommodates easier installation. The product is also stackable, further saving space.
  • The controls
    are found in front for easy access. They are in touchpad form for a modern take. Still, the control panel offers easy to use selections. The user only has to push a button to start a cycle.
  • There is a drum light to aid the user in checking if there are still items inside. The light also helps in cleaning up. The drum itself provides adequate space for large loads, at 5.8 cubic feet.
  • The FRIGIDAIRE FEQ1452HE dryer has a shiny black exterior. The color is elegant and modern, matching the touchpad controls. The same model, however, is also available in the more traditional, clean-looking white.

    Dimension Specifications

  • Depth (including hose and door): 29 1/2 inches
  • Width: 27 inches
  • Height: 36 inches
  • Weight: 105 pounds
  • Volume: 5.8 cubic feet


  • The FRIGIDAIRE FEQ1452HE dryer offers programmability through its available options although its cycles and temperature levels are not as numerous as those offered by other models.
  • Space-saving features are included to help the user fit the product into what may be an already packed room.
  • The design is modern, elegant and simple. The dryer has accessible controls that are also easy to use.
  • Dryness levels and the moisture sensor help preserve the garments' fabrics.
  • The product is affordable, with its price ranging from the high $400 plus to the low $500 plus.


  • There are not a lot of options other than the most basic ones.
  • The product is not Energy Star rated.

    Consumer Opinions


  • stylish
  • space saver
  • affordable
  • fabric care


  • offers few options beyond the basic
  • not Energy Star rated

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