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Frigidaire FASG7074LW Affinity, Front-Loading Gas Dryer, 7.0 Cubic Feet

Classic White with Ready Steam and DrySense

Classic White with Ready Steam and DrySense

The NSF-certified front-loading gas dryer claims to get rid of bacteria on clothes with its Sanitize option. It has 10 program settings and 6 Specialty Cycle that can be used in drying various fabrics in different sizes. The dryer's Specialty Option has settings to avoid static cling and remove allergy-causing particles.

Interior Features

  • A 7.0 cubic feet gas-heated dryer that has basic settings like Normal, Heavy and Delicate. It also has special dryer options like Anti Static, a setting that helps prevent static, and Wrinkle Release, a program that practically minimizes wrinkles on garments. The Ready Steam option freshens up clothes, while the DrySense dries clothes with accuracy.
  • By using very high temperature, the Sanitize option kills 99.99% of bacteria and germs. A no-heat drying cycle called Air Fluff air-dries clothes. Up to 8 lbs. of mixed garments could be dried in the 25-minute Quick cycle, or you can pick between 15 to 90-minute drying times. The dryer has 5 dryness level selections and 5 temperature options.
  • The Fits-More drum allows drying more pieces in a single load. The stainless steel drum is fixed with light and a lint screen. A technology called Moisture Sensor checks dryer's humidity to help dry clothes with precision. The approximate tumble speed is 50 RPM.

    Exterior Features

    li>Program and option selection is made easy with the dryer's Express-Select one-touch controls. The cycle's remaining time is displayed on a small screen. The alarm option alerts you with music at the end of the cycle.
  • The unit's exact dimensions are 27in. X 36in. X 30 5/16in. The reversible door is trimmed with chrome along its circular edge. Gas connection is located at the dryer's left bottom rear, and the power cord is at the bottom right side.
  • Accessories such as
    Dryer Stacking Kit, Pedestal Drawers in four colors, Mobile Home Installation Kit, LP Gas Conversion Kit and Drying Rack are sold separately. Both dryer unit and pedestal comes in Classic Red, Classic Blue, Classic Silver and Classic White.

    Dimensions Specifications

  • Height: 36 in.
  • Width: 27 in.
  • Depth: 30 5/16 in.
  • Depth with the door open: 51 7/16 in.
  • Shipping weight: 140 lbs.


  • The unit is programmed with 10 dry and 6 specialty cycles.
  • Equipped with Express-Select controls, the dryer is easier to operate.
  • The Ready Steam cycle releases vapor during the cycle for deodorized and crease-free garments.
  • An option called Anti-Static helps clothes prevent static cling.
  • The Wrinkle Release option keeps unsightly creases out.
  • The no-wash Sanitize cycle is certified by NSF.
  • Equipped with SilentDesign Premium, the dryer releases lesser noise during a cycle.
  • The dryer has a Moisture Sensor monitors water level for more efficient and accurate drying.
  • Previous dryer settings are automatically recorded t o save time on the next load.


  • The 7.0 cubic feet drum is smaller compared with other 27-inch wide dryer models.
  • Using the mixed load option is not advisable, some clothes are left half-dry.

    Consumer Opinions


  • has 10 programs and 6 specialty cycles
  • with Ready Steam
  • NSF-certified Sanitize option
  • has Anti Static cycle
  • removes allergens
  • no-heat drying option
  • helps prevent static cling
  • helps irons out wrinkles
  • clothes are refreshed
  • with Moisture Sensor
  • saves dryer settings
  • with Control Lock option
  • has Music Alarm option
  • with Start/Pause/Cancel buttons
  • delay start option
  • status indicator
  • 5 dryness levels
  • Express-Select one-touch controls
  • stainless steel drum
  • with lint screen
  • reversible door
  • built-in leveling legs
  • optional colored drawer pedestal
  • stackable
  • comes in four colors


  • redundant cycle features
  • smaller drum than other dryers

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