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Frigidaire FASG7074LR Affinity, Gas Dryer 7.0 Cubic Feet

Classic Red with Ultra-Capacity Dryer and Ready Steam

Classic Red with Ultra-Capacity Dryer and Ready Steam

It can be argued that the FASG7074LR is just one of the models of dryers made by Frigidaire and does not really have its own distinctive mark from other available dryers by the same manufacturer, or in that case, any other appliance brand. With a closer look, however, this model does unload a number of features that makes it a competitve model among dryers in the market. Its manufacturer classifies it as an Ultra-Capacity Dryer, which means that for dryers standing 37 inches or less and 27 inches or less wide, it offers the largest capacity. There's no more need to do one load in two or three sets, when you can finish it one go.

Interior Features

  • The interior mechanisms of this model not only allow users to save water, energy and effort, but time as well. It comes with the TimeWise Technology, a trademark feature of Frigidaire, which equals the time a load was washed with its drying time. This allows users to perfectly estimate the time a load needs for it to be completely dried. Waiting time is set perfectly, so idle time is a thing of the past!
  • Included in this dryer's options are an Anti Static option, which gets rid of any static in dried items, making them appear and smell fresh, soft and natural, not stiff, hot and wrinkled as in some items placed in other dryers. There's also a Line Dry feature which captures the essence of natural outdoor drying. Moreover, there's the Wrinkle Release Technology which produces more evenly dried clothes without the creases.

    Exterior Features

  • The control panel of the dryer is packed with features that make operating it all the more easier. For one, it has a Save Your Settings feature which saves the last dry setting you used automatically so that you won't have to waste time remembering what setting you last used.
    You save time doing laundry, and there's less hassle figuring out what cycle to use. You get to use what has worked before!
  • The unique red color can make the dryer a center of attention in any room it will be placed in. Whether to add life to an otherwise drab room or to blend this dryer to a vivacious laundry room color scheme, this model's unusual color is quite a sight!

    Dimension Specifications

  • Depth: 31 inches
  • Height: 36 inches
  • Width: 27 inches
  • Total volume: 7.0 cubic feet


  • The SilentDesign sound insulation package allows for full function with the dryer staying silent. There's no irritating mechanical noise from the machine even if the strongest settings and functions are being used.
  • Signals regarding cycle status such as lights and music are available in this model. With these, users will be adequately informed of a drying cycle has already ended, saving time. There is even a cycle signal volume control: to regulate the sound volume coming from the dryer.
  • With the Energy Saver Option, users can be assured to the same quality of drying while saving as much as 35 percent of energy. That's quite a noticeable difference when it comes to utility bills.
  • A Delay Start option of 1 to 12 hours is available for those who would like to have items dried while not necessarily physically present with the dryer.


  • The total 7.0 cu. Ft. capacity and the lack of extra heat and temperature options may not be sufficient for users who are used to having a dryer that has more than 5 temperature options and a 7.3 to 7.5 cu. Ft. capacity.

    Consumer Opinions


  • SilentDesign sound insulation package
  • Energy Saver option
  • 1-12 hour Delay Start
  • Cycle start and end signals


  • only average number of temperature options
  • only average load capacity

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