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Frigidaire FAQG7077KB Affinity, Front Load Gas Dryer 7.0 Cubic Feet

Classic Black with DrySense Technology and Moisture Sensor

Classic Black with DrySense Technology and Moisture Sensor

As with the rest of the Affinity Series dryers, the FRIGIDAIRE FAQG7077KB is powered with DrySense Technology, which ensures both the thorough drying and wrinkle-free finish. There is a moisture sensor included that detects just how wet or dry a load is. This gas dryer adjusts its settings to match the needs of that particular load.

Interior Features
  • DrySense Technology is a Frigidaire signature feature that enables the appliance to produce laundry that has been thoroughly dried without the garments fabrics getting destroyed. In fact, the garments will generally come out wrinkle-free or at least won't take that long to get wrinkle-free under an iron.
  • A moisture sensor is included to take an accurate measure of the dryness or wetness of the load. Through the information received from the sensor, the appliances settings can be adjusted to the combination that is optimum for drying the particular load.
  • The SilentDesign feature enables the user to go through his laundry in relative peace. You can dry heavy loads thoroughly and quietly.
  • Sanitize Temperature level. At this temperature level, the dryer can kill 99.9% of bacteria. The appliance has received the NSF certification because of this particular level.

    Exterior Features

  • The primary
    interior color is Classic Black. Other colors include Classic White, Classic Blue and Classic Silver.
  • A stainless steel so that even if there are loads that are still very drenched, the drum will be resistant to rust.
  • The control panel contains many convenient features. Cycle signals or indicators, time remaining display and an end of cycle signal. The Express Select controls enable the user to merely press a button to start, pause or end a cycle.

    Dimension Specifications
  • Depth: 30 5/16 in.
  • Width: 27 in.
  • Height: 36 in.
  • Volume: 7.0 cubic feet
  • Weight (shipping): 140 pounds

  • The FRIGIDAIRE FAQG7077KB operates quietly.
  • The control panel has easy to use buttons.
  • Built with durable materials.
  • A safety lock that ensures the dryer remains closed when being used.
  • NSF certified.

  • Not Energy Star certified, it is not deemed to be energy efficient enough or has not been submitted for rating.
  • The product is not designed for the use of the disabled. It has not passed the ADA compliance.

    Consumer Opinions

  • safe and easy to use
  • quiet
  • durable

  • lacks some important certifications, such as the Energy Star and the ADA compliance

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