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Frigidaire FAQG7073KR Affinity, Frontloader Gas Dryer Washing Machine 7.0 Cubic Feet

Red with Ultra-Capacity Dryer Express-Select Controls

Red with Ultra-Capacity Dryer Express-Select Controls

Frigidaire's FAQG7073KR is built with an ultra-capacity storage of 7.0 cu. ft., making it ideal for both personal and family use. The large storage of the model results to shorter laundry time and energy-efficiency. It also features Express-Selection Controls,located in front of the dryer, which allows the user to operate the machine and change its settings without difficulty.

Interior Features
  • Performance-Driven Style allows the model to dry clothes while saving the time and energy it takes to finish large batches of laundry. Time Wise Technology allows multi-tasking by drying and washing clothing at the same time. The painted steel drum allows maximum storage to dry more laundries.
  • Easy-To-Use Features include Interior Lighting, Silent Design, and a Quick Countdown. These settings are automatic and quickly operational once the dryer is switched on.
  • An Electronic Moisture Sensor is used to check the quality and the condition of the garments while being dried. The moisture sensor works in different ways, depending on the dryness setting that the cycle is set to.

    Exterior Features

  • Available in red, white, blue, silver, and black.
  • The door itself is reversible. Its edges are painted steel, and its opening closed with a clear glass.
  • Intelligent Control Panels are located on top of the circular door. The dryer is equipped with Express-Select Controls that can start the drying process with one push of a button.
  • The dryer is installed with the Fits More Feature, allowing the drum to hold more kilograms of garments. The amount of clothing placed into the drum does not affect the drying time.
  • Space Wise Design.

    Dimension Specifications
  • Width 27 in.
  • Height 36 in.
  • Depth 28 1/4 in.

  • Its total capacity is 7.0 cu. ft., the largest capacity available for Frigidaire laundry machines. The drum can hold up to more than eight kilograms of clothing.
  • Easily stackable and requires no wide space to fit inside a household.

  • Very expensive.
  • Additional costs and maintenance for extra filters and other accessories.

    Consumer Opinions

  • child lock features
  • durable
  • easy to operate
  • updated controls
  • large storage capacity
  • stackable

  • not that affordable
  • additional costs for accessories
  • lint filter is not that efficient
  • pedestal and dry rack optional

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