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Frigidaire FAQG7017KW Affinity, Front-Loading Gas Dryer, 7.0 Cubic Feet

Classic White with DrySense Technology and NSF-Certified Sanitize

Classic White with DrySense Technology and NSF-Certified Sanitize

Equipped with the DrySense Technology and Electronic Moisture Sensor, this gas dryer dries clothes with precision and care. Its 5 temperature settings include the no-heat Air Fluff and the high temperature Sanitize options. The unit automatically saves the previous settings to save time.

Interior Features
  • With the Electronic Moisture Sensor, this dryer can check the humidity inside the drum and correct the temperature and drying time when needed. The DrySense technology facilitates in drying clothes with care.
  • The dryerís 7 dry cycles include the 25-minute Quick and the option to extended tumble dry time. There are 5 Temperature settings and 4 Dryness levels. 6 Auto Dry cycles and 6 Timed Dry Cycles are also included in the unitís programs.
  • The Fits-More 7.0 cubic feet dryer drum offers room for extra pieces of clothing. A built-in interior light and a detachable lint screen are added for convenience. The drum is made of painted steel material to keep it rust-free.

    Exterior Features

  • The unitís Express-Select Control Panel presents easy cycle and option setting. This panel consists of control knobs, one-push buttons and status lights. It is fitted with LED display to monitor the estimated remaining time of a cycle.
  • The dryerís door is located under the Control Panel. It is a large, round door made of transparent glass with chrome trim. It is reversible to make room for any added laundry room installments.
  • By using the optional stacking kit, this unit can be roosted over a matching washer. It can also be used as a freestanding dryer; or built-in inside a cabinet or under the
    counter. This dryer comes in Classic White, Classic Black, Classic Blue, Classic Red and Classic Silver.

    Dimensions Specifications
  • Height: 36 in.
  • Width: 27 in.
  • Depth: 28 1/4 in.

  • With features like the DrySense technology and Electronic Moisture Sensor, this dryer can dry clothes with precision and care.
  • The dryerís Express-Select Control Panel provides easy cycle control.
  • Harmful bacteria on clothes are eliminated by the NSF-certified Sanitize temperature setting.
  • The Air Fluff setting uses virtually no heat for drying heat-sensitive items
  • More clothes can be loaded in the dryerís 7.0 cubic feet drum.
  • The dryer unit can be installed in multiple ways.

  • Even though it is valuable in decreasing wrinkles and odors on clothes, a steam cycle is not included in this dryerís 7 cycles.
  • Compared to other units in the same price range, this dryer offers less number of special options or features.

    Consumer Opinions

  • Air Fluff setting uses air for drying sensitive clothes
  • with DrySense technology
  • accurately dries clothes with the Electronic Moisture Sensor
  • NSF-certified Sanitize option
  • Quick cycle dries up to 8 lbs of clothes in 25 minutes
  • auto timed dry up to 90 minutes
  • Auto Shrink Guard option
  • optional Auto Press Saver
  • with 6 timed cycles
  • idiot-proof Express-Select control panel
  • optional end of cycle alarm
  • 3 status indicators
  • LED display
  • reversible door
  • painted steel extra-large capacity drum
  • interior drum light
  • TimeWise technology
  • saves dryer settings
  • optional SpaceWise drawer pedestal
  • optional drying rack
  • fully stackable unit
  • SilentDesign quiet operation
  • 20,000 BTU heater

  • has no steam cycle
  • offers less features

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