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Frigidaire FAQG7017KB Affinity Frontloader Gas Dryer Washing Machine 7.0 Cubic Feet

Black with Dry Sense Technology and NSF Certification

Black with Dry Sense Technology and NSF Certification

Built with ultra-capacity stainless steel drums, this gas-powered dryer can accommodate most of the user's collection of clothing, making laundry time shorter, as well as energy efficient. Frigidaire's FAQG7017KB features Dry Sense Technology, which uses a sensor system to monitor whether the garments are thoroughly dried and free from wrinkles. This model also uses NSF Certification, which gives the dryer an additional temperature setting to sanitize fabrics from the growth of bacteria.

Interior Features
  • FAQG7017KB features Time Wise Technology, which ensures that both the washing time and drying time maintain the same duration, especially when the dryer is used with its companion washer. The Time Wise Technology reduces the waiting period that is normally present between washing and drying.
  • The model's cycle features are able to dry different fabric materials with the same efficiency. This dryer has seven cycle counts ranging from tumble dry cycles to bedding cycles.
  • Precision Moisture Sensor is employed with the Dry Sense Technology to measure how much heat is needed to dry the garments and how long the process will take. There is a damp dry setting that leaves clothing moist to lessen friction when ironing.

    Exterior Features

  • The dryer is available in black, white, silver, blue, and red.
  • The door is painted and reversible with transparent glass.
  • Express Selection Controls contain pre-loaded drying settings
    that automatically set ideal cycle and temperature levels for a particular fabric. The user can also save his preferred setting.
  • Control Lock feature guarantees that a current setting cannot easily be tampered with or accidentally changed. This setting is automatic for maximum safety, especially with children.
  • Interior Drum Lighting and Chime Cycle Signals are a means to indicate whether the dryer is ready to be loaded or unloaded. The Chime signals also call attention when there is a problem with an area of a machine.

    Dimension Specifications
  • Width 27 in.
  • Height 36 in.
  • Depth 28 1/4 in.

  • The model features seven cycles and illustrations to help determine the ideal cycle process and drying time of different fabrics.
  • Temperature options include damp dry and sanitize, for ironing purposes and bacteria-free clothing, respectively.
  • Dryness selections give options on what methods and levels to use to dry clothing and how dry the clothing should be.

  • Frigidaire's FAQG7017KB is not that affordable.
  • It is exclusively for residential purposes.
  • Time Wise Technology is efficient only when used with its washer counterpart.

    Consumer Opinions

  • childproof
  • several exterior colors to choose from
  • various features and options
  • easy to use
  • stackable
  • saves time and energy

  • very expensive
  • smaller lint filter
  • no steam cycle
  • no dry rack

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