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Frigidaire FAQG7017KA Affinity Frontloader Gas Dryer Washing Machine 7.0 Cubic Feet

Silver with Fits More Dryer Quick Cycle

Silver with Fits More Dryer Quick Cycle

The FAQG7017KA from Frigidaire is primarily manufactured to satisfy the drying needs of individuals and family needs. It is produced with ¨Fits More Dryer¨ drum, which gives more space to handle massive loads in spite of its standard-sized exterior. The dryer features an option called the Quick Cycle, which thoroughly dries garments in a span of twenty five minutes, making clothing ready to wear instantly after coming out of the machine.

Interior Features
  • FAQG7017KA's performance in terms of drying is improved by its offered seven cycle features and ten temperature levels. These options include the sanitize cycle that reduces bacteria by a special heat level that is absorbed by the clothing.
  • Moisture sensors are employed during the drying process to ensure that all garments are completely dry before the set time elapses. Moisture sensors are used mainly in damp dry settings and air fluff options.
  • Extended Tumble Dry setting and Shrink Guard option is utilized to prevent garments from shrinking due to prolonged use. When the sensors see that the fabric is in danger of shrinking, the machine is automatically set to tumble dry or air fluff.

    Exterior Features

  • Designer color is silver, but the dryer also comes in black, red, white, and blue.
  • The door is circular and reversible. Its edges are painted depending on the overall color of the model, finished with
    a case of clear glass.
  • Control panels mostly use knobs and digital buttons for easier operation.
  • Digital LED and LCD Displays are always advantages to indicate the remaining drying time and status of the garments. The display panel will also indicate if there are glitches in the filter, flow sense, etc.
  • Optional pedestals can be bought for wider storage to hold a number of clothing to be dried or just laundry items like detergents and fabric softeners.

    Dimension Specifications
  • Width 27 in.
  • Height 36 in.
  • Depth 28 1/2 in.

  • The dryer speeds up laundry time while maintaining a constant drop on electricity charges.
  • The ultra-capacity drums can cater to large batches of clothing in one cycle.
  • Any type of clothing has its unique drying setting that the dryer automatically sets by its sensor systems.

  • The dryer is quite costly for residential purposes.
  • The model is high-maintenance and needs additional parts to work effectively.
  • It is somewhat unpopular and not easy to find in appliance stores.

    Consumer Opinions

  • rapid drying process
  • easy-to-understand control panels
  • stackable with companion washer
  • quiet
  • good overall appearance
  • allows more space
  • holds more clothing
  • various drying options
  • not difficult to setup

  • quite costly
  • mainly for use of individuals and families
  • not for business purposes
  • dries unevenly
  • not easily available

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