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Frigidaire FAQG7011KW Affinity, Gas Dryer 7.0 Cubic Feet

Classic White with Dry Sense Quick Cycle

Classic White with Dry Sense Quick Cycle

The Frigidaire FAQG7011KW gas dryer is a standard-size dryer that has a huge 7.0 cu. ft. capacity. Its DrySense Technology helps you dry your clothes perfectly but without over drying, so that wrinkles are prevented from forming after each cycle. The Quick Cycle feature is one drying option that can refresh and dry your clothes in as little as 25 minutes.

Interior Features
  • The TimeWise Technology of this dryer means that wash time equals to that of dry time so you no longer have to wait for your laundry to dry completely. The DrySense Technology contributes to more thorough drying, so that wrinkles are prevented from forming during each dryer session. The Save Your Settings feature immediately stores your previous settings so you don't have to waste time guessing on your next laundry session.
  • This Fits-More dryer comes with a 7.0 cu. ft. capacity. The Quick Cycle allows fast drying to last only up to 25 minutes. Choose from 7 different cycle options, 5 different temperature settings, and 4 types of dryness levels.
  • Among its cycle options are Heavy, Normal, and Delicate, while temperature setting options typically include levels from Low to High. Dryness Level Selections include More Dry, Less Dry, Normal, and Damp Dry.
  • This gas dryer also comes with different convenience features such as End of Cycle sound, Control Lock, and Precision Moisture Sensor.

    Exterior Features

  • This dryer is available in 3 different exterior styling options, namely Classic White, Classic Red, and Classic Black.
  • The Express-Select Controls make it easy for you to choose the right temperature settings and dryness levels for each drying cycle.
  • The Reversible Door feature of this dryer lets you install the door according to the layout of your existing kitchen or laundry room, as it can be made to open and close from either side.

    Dimension Specifications
  • Depth: 31 in.
  • Height: 36 in.
  • Width: 27 in.
  • Capacity: 7.0 cu. ft.

  • Reduce wrinkles on your evenly-dried laundry through the DrySense Technology of this dryer.
  • Take advantage of faster drying as the Quick Cycle feature lets you dry in just 25 minutes.
  • Choose your preferred cycles and settings without difficulty through the Express Select Controls.
  • Start each cycle only when you want to, through the Safety Start or Push to Start button.
  • Ensure complete drying as this dryer comes equipped with a Precision Moisture Sensor.
  • Let the audible sound of the End of Cycle Chime alert you as each cycle is completed.
  • Keep your settings secure from prying hands during each cycle through the Control Lock feature.
  • Accommodate more laundry in just a single cycle through this 7.0 cu. ft. capacity dryer.

  • One consumer has complained about the design of this dryer, as its bottom part is built too close to the ground.
  • There is no steam cycle feature for this dryer, which most consumers find useful in eliminating wrinkles and preventing static cling.
  • This gas dryer has not earned an Energy Star rating.
  • This dryer accommodates only back venting.

    Consumer Opinions

  • easy to install
  • easy to use
  • sleek design
  • good value
  • cost effective
  • large capacity
  • practical features
  • quick drying

  • does not have Steam Cycle options
  • lacking in Energy Star rating

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