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Frigidaire FAQE7077KB Affinity, Electric Dryer 7.0 Cubic Feet

Classic Black with Ultra Capacity Dry Sense

Classic Black with Ultra Capacity Dry Sense

Featuring multiple cycles and multiple options, the Frigidaire FAQE7077KB electric dryer comes in a 7.0 cu. ft. capacity. This huge capacity dryer will allow you to accomplish bigger drying tasks more efficiently, and with its DrySense Technology, precise drying is ensured during each cycle, while reducing wrinkles on all your clothes and sheets.

Interior Features
  • Although this dryer is designed to follow a standard size, it is also built with a large 7.0 cu. ft. capacity. The DrySense Technology, with its moisture sensors, makes sure that complete drying is achieved on clothes, without the wrinkles. Having earned an NSF certification, this dryer also comes with a "Sanitize" temperature setting so that your laundry is free from 99.9 percent of bacteria.
  • The SilentDesign feature of this appliance means that drying your laundry will be a noiseless and vibration-less procedure everytime. The TimeWise Technology means that wash time and dry time are equal, so you never have to wait again for your laundry to dry. The Save your Settings feature allow you to save previous settings so that drying your laundry again will be a more convenient and quicker chore for you.
  • There are multiple cycles that come with this machine. The 7 dry cycles accomodate both Heavy Duty and Ultra Delicate drying. There are also 12 dry options with this dryer, and if you are looking for a quick, one-time cycle, the Quick 25-minute cycle is suitable for you.
  • Convenience options for this dryer include Control Lock, End of Cycle Chime, and Safety Start or Push to Start.

    Exterior Features
  • Exterior styling options for this dryer include Classic
    Black, Classic Red, Classic White, Classic Blue, and Classic Red.
  • With its Express Select Controls, choosing the right cycles and options is quick and easy.
  • The Cycle Signal Lights allow you to monitor which cycle is being used for a specific load.

    Dimension Specifications
    Depth: 28 1/4 inches
    Height: 36 inches
    Width: 27 inches
    Capacity: 7.0 cu. ft.

  • Give all your clothes their needed drying temperatures with multiple cycles to choose from, such as Heavy Duty and Ultra Delicates.
  • Choose from 12 dry options including Extended Tumble and Shrink Guard, and give your thickest towels more room to dry.
  • Ensure that even your most delicate loads are free from bacteria through the NSF certification and Sanitize setting of this dryer.
  • Already running late? Dry a few items with the Quick cycle, which is typically completed in approximately 25 minutes.
  • Save your favorite settings automatically so you don't waste time guessing on your previous settings when loading a new set of laundry into your dryer.
  • Keep your dryer from disturbing anyone within your home as the SilentDesign Technology of this machine results in a noiseless drying session every time.

  • Compared to other Frigidaire dryer models which have up to 5 dryness level selections, this model only has 4 dryness level selections.
  • This dryer does not have the Energy Saver Option and has not earned an Energy Star Rating as well.

    Consumer Opinions

  • reliable
  • clear controls
  • simple control panel
  • multiple cycles
  • multiple options
  • reversible door
  • convenient

  • without Energy Star Rating
  • without CEE rating
  • no Steam Cycle

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