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Frigidaire FAQE7072LA Affinity, Frontloader Electric Dryer Washing Machine 7.0 cubic feet

Silver with  Ultra-Capacity Dryer Energy Saver Option

Silver with Ultra-Capacity Dryer Energy Saver Option

The FAQE7072LA is a dryer from Frigidaire that helps reduce the cost of electricity bills while still able to produce clean and freshly-dried clothing. The Ultra-Capacity Storage of the dryer´s drum paves the way for drying a number of garments in one cycle within one hour. The safe and quick operations of the model are much improved by its Energy Saving Option, which maintains a low use of electricity and a reduction of at least thirty five percent in the consumption of energy.

Interior Features
  • Sanitary Cycle is available for use in the various cycle options. The Sanitize feature is configured by NSF Certification, allowing a higher level of heat to penetrate through the clothing and diminish any type of bacteria growth.
  • The Air Fluff option is a selection where garments are dried without the use of heat, contributing to the energy efficiency of the dryer. Here, the clothes are dried by tumble dry cycles.
  • Sensor Dry and Moisture Sensors coordinate together to dry clothing depending on the user's setting. While most prefer that the clothing would be free from any type of moisture, damp dry settings are exclusively used for easy ironing.

    Exterior Features
  • Its trademark color is silver, but it also comes in white, blue, and red.
  • Circular door whose edges are polished with silver steel and finished with clear glass.
  • Visual information
    and status of the drying process are visible through a LED Display panel. Sets of intuitive buttons are also accessible for changing dryer preferences.
  • The dryer is standard in size, but it allows room for more clothes. The drum can be made from stainless steel or plastic, depending on the preference of the consumer.
  • The dryer is stackable with any type of washer. It is also built with vents to allow air to cool down the dryer´s system, as well as leveling legs to keep the dryer balanced.

    Dimension Specifications
    27" W x 36" H x 31" D

  • The Electronic Display Panel can easily be found in the exterior of the dryer, and the controls and knobs are not difficult to operate.
  • Child Lock and Automatic Shut Down processes guarantee safety when using the dryer for a prolonged period of time.
  • The low energy that the FAQE7072LA consumes is enough to save money that will be spent on electric bills.

  • The FAQE7072LA comes at a high price.
  • It provides fewer heat settings than other Frigidaire dryers.

    Consumer Opinions

  • quiet operation
  • safety and childproof features
  • optional pedestal
  • not complicated to operate
  • energy saver
  • quick dry cycles
  • many options

  • very high-priced
  • not easily available in other countries
  • average heat settings
  • no available steam option

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