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Frigidaire FAFW3577KA Affinity Front Load Washer 3.5 Cu. Ft.

Classic Silver, Vibration Control Energy Saver

Energy efficient and loaded with features that make everyday washing almost an effortless task, the Frigidaire FAFW3577KA front load washer is one home appliance that definitely accomplishes the right tasks. It functions well even when washing huge loads, as the Vibration Control System keeps each operation balanced and smooth. Drying is just as efficient as washing, since the dry time required equals that of the washing time. And with multiple options to select from, you can easily choose the right washing cycle for different types of loads.

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  Quick Specs  
Style: 3.5 cu ft, stainless steel, silver
Controls: Digital and knobs,
Cleaning: 1100 rpm, 5 spin speeds, water heater, 5 temperatures
Cycles: 7 Wash Cycles, 17 Options, 3 soil levels
Features: delay start, add a garment,

FAFW3577KA washing machine


Washer Highlights

Interior Features

  • NSF certified washer .Each cycle ensures that your clothes come out clean all the time and are 99.9% bacteria free. The Fresh Water option utilizes an Advance Rinse Technology that eliminates traces of detergent so that it minimizes the possibilities of allergies.

  • Drying time is equal to washing time, due to its TimeWise Option. You don't have to wait too long for clothes to dry, and the Quick Laundry option allows you to dry and wash an entire load in just 45 minutes. The Energy Saver option results in significant energy savings by as much as 60 percent.

  • Wash Sense Technology. Moreover, multiple cycles and multiple options from this front load washer allow you to choose the right settings for different types of loads.

    Exterior Features

  • This model comes in different exterior finishes, from classic silver to classic black to the classic colors of blue, white, and red.

  • Quality construction is evident with its Stay Fresh Door seal and Stay Put Door.
  • Express Controls are easy to use so you can easily switch from one setting to another without much effort.

  • Its stainless steel drum this washer a highly durable laundry room appliance.

  • Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 28 1/4 inches
    Height: 36 inches
    Width: 27 inches
    Capacity: 3.5 cu. ft.

  • Clean your clothes while maintaining the best care through the Wash Sense Technology of this front load washer.
  • Enjoy energy savings by as much as 60% with the Energy Saver Option.
  • Save on laundry time efficiently by saving your previous wash setting for future wash loads.
  • Choose from 15 different wash options for different types of laundry loads.

  • While other front load washers have steam cycle options, this washer does not have such an option. Steam cleaning is often effective in sanitizing clothes as well as in the elimination of tougher stains.
  • At 3.5 cu. ft in capacity, this front load washer offers less than average capacity. This may not be ideal for families that perform huge laundry tasks many times per week.
  • The spin rate of this front load washer is between average to below average, in contrast to other washers with higher spin rates.

  • with energy saving option
  • efficiency features
  • NSF certified
  • less water consumption
  • quiet operation
  • less vibration
  • digital display
  • delay start
  • stainless steel basket
  • quality construction
  • different exterior styles

  • no steam cycle option
  • less than average capacity

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