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Frigidaire FAFW3517KR 27in Front-Load Washer Classic Red 3.5 cu. ft.


The FAFW3517KR is a line of washers that's certified by Energy Star and comes with a lineup of useful and intuitive features such as TimeWise Technology and Express Select controls.

Key features

  • Express Select controls allow users to set programs with one touch of a button.
  • The internal water heater produces express hot water for deeper cleaning and easier removal of stubborn stains.
  • Automatic water level adjustments are done according to how heavy the load is.
  • The TimeWise technology gives you similar washing and drying times so no need to guess how long before a complete cycle ends.
  • The stainless steel tub resists rust and chipping to avoid damaging the fabric. Rust can discolor fabrics and chipping can snag fabrics, which can lead to tearing and ripping.
  • Status indicators tell you if the load is halfway done.
  • The Quick Cycle feature allows you to wash clothes for as fast as 25 minutes.
  • It has up to 5 spin speeds so you can choose the best speed that’s gentle on your garments.
  • Extra Rinse give the load one last rinse to remove the last traces of detergent.
  • The Add-a-Garment feature allows you to pause the operation and add in extra garments.
  • The silent design reduces the amount of noise in the machine so you can place the machine even on the second floor and not worry about excessive noise.
  • The delay start option works for as early as 14 hours.
  • Optional pedestals are useful for adjusting the height of the unit
    according to what is comfortable.


  • The capacity makes it perfect for medium-sized loads, and the stain clean option makes removing stains very easy.
  • The five temperature options makes washing different kinds of fabric easy without the risk of damaging the fabrics.
  • The delay start option makes coming home to a fresh load of laundry possible.
  • You can set the machine to start washing one hour before you come home so the load is ready for unloading once you arrive.
  • Most customers like the many options of fun colors in this line such as red. Classic white is also available.


  • The machines tend to get too noisy after a few years of use.
  • It also clogs, either from lint buildup and snagged socks or handkerchiefs. It is better to regularly clean the lint tray to prevent lint buildup.
  • To prevent clogs and snags with errant socks, it is better to place smaller articles of clothing in a laundry sack.

    Consumer Opinions


  • capacity is good for medium-sized clothes
  • five temperature options allow you to choose the gentlest temperature for the garment
  • available in different colors.
  • useful delay wash feature for those who want to come home to a fresh load of clean laundry


  • tends to get noisy with years of use
  • drainage system clogs easily, either due to lint build up or socks and small articles of clothing
  • drum, even in stainless steel, still rusts and chips after 2 or 3 years.

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