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Frigidaire FAFW3517KB Affinity black Washer 3.5 Cu. Ft.

FAFW3517KB/FAFW3517KN is a 3.5 cu. ft. capacity Frigidaire washer with such useful features as the delay start option and the WashSense Technology.

Key features

- The WashSense Technology cleans the load with care, penetrating deeply while being gentle on the fabric.
- The 3.5 cu feet capacity makes this unit perfect for medium sized loads.
- The energy-saving feature allows you to save water and energy with each load by automatically determining the amount of water needed for each load and adjusting the cycle accordingly.
- The Advanced Rinse Technology uses a fresh batch of water for the final rinse to remove odors and to remove allergens.
- The Balance Control System reduces the vibration level when the machine is running. This allows you to put the machine anywhere, even on the second floor.
- Express Select controls allow users to set programs with one touch of a button.
- The quick Cycle feature allows you to wash smaller loads in as quick as 25 minutes.
- The Add-a-Garment option allows you to pop in additional garments in the middle of the cycle. Use the pause feature to stop the cycle midstream and pop in the extra garments.
- The TimeWise Technology means that the wash time equals dry time.
- NSF technology removes 99.9% of germs and allergens for super-sanitary clothing.
- The delay start option allows you to set the time you want the machine to start running.
- The automatic temperature control in the machine mixes cold and warm
water according to the temperature that will work best with the detergent you are using.
- The silent design reduces the noise levels in the machine so you can let the machine run in the background while you concentrate on other things.
- The estimated time remaining indicator lets you know when the machine is almost done.
- The optional pedestal allows you to adjust the height of the machine.


What users love most about this unit is that it allows you to come home to a fresh batch of clean laundry. With the delay feature, you can set the machine to wash an hour before you come home so that you only need to unload the moment you get home. The laundry is very clean and devoid of the slightest smell, due to the fact that it can remove up to 99.9% of germs from the load.


One of the most common complaints is the moldy smell the laundry has after several uses if you do not clean the machine after every use. Soap suds and water left around the rubber gasket make the perfect home for molds and bacteria.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- time delay cycle allows you to set the time you want the machine to run as early as 14 hours prior
- laundry looks and smells clean
- works quietly in the background
- automatic settings


- laundry starts to carry a moldy smell if you do not clean the drum after every use

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