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I have got the best dryer. I am so glad that the machine is in my home.

I have purchased so many things that were supposed to help me in my life and a washer and dryer was of the utmost importance to me. And to finally find a machine of which lives up to its description and what the salesperson says is so cool.

My son is a rough little one when it comes to clothes. And the dryer has been in the past the cycle of clothes grooming is where you find out if the clothes have another shot at being worn or not. This dryer is not very harsh on clothes at all.

It does what is supposed to do. It dries the clothes and doesn't tear them up. My sons pants no longer have to be thrown out every two weeks or so. His pants have longer lives that they are supposed to have.

And I am so grateful for the opportunity to discuss this with others that have an appreciation of home appliances. Thank you so much for letting me voice my opinion about the dryer that I have had for the past couple years. I have just been so happy with the item.

To be honest I have had improvement in the time it takes for my loads to be effectively dried. I used to have to wait for over an hour for the cycle of clothes to be dry. I no longer have to do that. And with that I am going to close my little memo to the others out there looking and researching for their next home appliance.

I highly recommend this particular dryer every time anyone wants to know. For the record, this dryer doesn't really make a lot of noise, I mean it still does depending on what you put in it, but for the most part this appliance doesn't have the same noise level that the others have. By far the item is a great buy.

So with that I will end on that happy note.

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