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Frigidaire Affinity (High Efficiency)

by Samantha S
(London, ON)

Fridgidaire Affinity line Washer and Dryer in Glacier Blue

Fridgidaire Affinity line Washer and Dryer in Glacier Blue

Recently my fiance and I moved into our first home and decided to head to the new Bad Boy furniture and appliance store here in London, Ontario. There we found a high efficiency washer and dryer set by Frigidaire called Affinity that we really liked and have been using them for about a month now.

My fiance insisted on buying high efficiency appliances and I insisted on finding the best value for our money. The Affinity washer and dryer set we purchased was being offerred for about $1300 at that time, which also included the bases (with drawers), normally priced at $200 each. I am not sure how this compares to the Affinity's regular price, but compared to other similar units in the store - which were also on sale - the Affinity appliances seemed to be high quality, without ridiculous features we didn't need, while still having plenty of programmable options.

After having used a regular washing machine for most of my life, these are the differences I have noticed with the high efficiency Affinity washer:
- clothes seem more thoroughly cleaned
- more water is removed from clothes during spin cycle
- it is easy to make sure you use the right amount of fabric softener/bleach (clear fill lines are indicated for these two liquids)
- more fun to use (could be the novelty of having a new machine)
- the storage space underneath the machines is useful

I would suggest that if you purchase this machine with the base, that you have two people
who are strong enough to lift the machine onto the base when it comes time to set up your appliance. This washer was too heavy for my fiance and I to lift straight up off the ground as instructed, so that we'd be able to place it directly onto the four small metal pieces that hold it in place atop the base. We wound up putting the special screws back in that hold everything inside stationary so that nothing breaks while the machine is in transport. Then we laid the machine on its side, attached it to the base, and tipped it back up. No damage seems to have been done to the machine.

One thing that I think could be improved with the Affinity is its detergent reservoir. In our model the detergent disappears into the machine as soon as you pour it in. There is no fill line in the reservoir because the liquid runs straight through, which means using a measuring cup is necessary. Also be careful when using your machine for the first time: the default setting for a Normal load on our machine was for it to have No Spin, meaning that the clothes were filled with water when the cycle was over. Luckily, there is also a Spin Only option on this machine, so I wasn't left with soaking wet clothes.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the Affinity machine and would purchase it again. It also comes in a variety of colours, ours is Glacier Blue as shown in the picture.

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Mar 13, 2013
by: Maria Gamboa

To remove the smelly odor of front load washer, put one cup of bleach run it on full cycle.

This is a monthly cleaning maintenance.

Avoid using a dark clothes load after this cycle to avoid any potential garment discoloration because of the bleach.

Keep laundry washer open when not in used. This will keep your washer smelly - mildew free.

I hope this helps. MG

Aug 08, 2012
I loved it the first 4 years
by: Pam

I have the same washer dryer as pictured, stacked. All well for four years. Recently, machines have been nosier. Last night, washer stopped working during spin cycle on load of towels. I tried restarting, even switched to spin cycle only and pressed restart. Didn't get the reaction I was expecting -- machine emits a loud buzzing sound & does nothing. THe door is locked and cannot be opened. So now my towels are being held hostage.

Any suggestions? I suspect that over time, the vibration from the machine operating has caused it to become misaligned, but they are far too heavy for me to move.

As for the icky smell, Tide has come out with a washing machine cleaner. I tried it and it works fantastically. I highly recommend.

Jun 20, 2012
I am super happy with my new stackable Affinity W & D
by: RLTapia

When I was a child, my mother had a front-loading washer & dryer that was one unit that we all loved. But when it became time for my husband and I to buy our first set of washer and dryer, front-loaders were not made any longer. Top Loaders only. Put now that it was time to replace these machines, front-loaders were back now. We went shopping and I decide I wanted to get stack able the Affinity Set are the ones I choose to purchases. We decided to make a four inch platform to set this on as well because of them being so close to the floor. My washing machine and dryer is absolutely what a washing machine and dryer should be. I am truly happy with purchase over a year ago. I notice that it stared smelling a month after so I called my Mom to ask her if she had had the same problem. She said yes and remind me of what she had done to help solve the problems.
I then remember that Mom always sprayed her washer with vinegar water after she was through washing for the day. She sprayed the front gasket and let it set then wipe it down well before she shut the door. I found it helps greatly stop the smells everyone talks about. I also run a product called Washing Machine Cleaner by Tide or Clorox® Washing Machine Cleaner because it help fight odor-causing residues in your washer from laundry soils, detergents and water hardness minerals that even Top load have issue with as well. My Aunt mixed up 3 cups of Oxyclean, 2 cups Washing Soda, 2 cup Borax and 3 cups of powder Clorox II in her favorite smell then she only use 1/2 cup of her mix to run through her washer once a month to work as this machine cleaners do. I now do that as well and in the long run is cheaper to make up as well.
I love the quietness of this units and I would recommend any one to get them. As any appliance in our homes we have to do maintenance on them as well. I clean my lint filter after every load but about every six month I take that filter and wash as well. If water doesn't run through filter how would air get through? I wipe down both drums with vinegar water after each usage. It works like a deodorant does for us.

Apr 14, 2012
Good washer at first but now shakes too much
by: Anonymous

The washer worked great for the first couple years. This is our second front loader, so we knew to leave the door open slightly to avoid mildew build up. But now, after a couple years the unit is shaking badly on spin cycle. The washer is level and all feet solidly in contact with the floor. Seems like it may need new shock absorbers. Hmmm.

For those fighting musty smells, this is not uncommon with a front loader. Leave the door slightly open when done. There is a product that will get rid of the smell, called Smelly Washer. You can get it from Amazon. But, you may need to also change your detergent. Some detergents actually contribute to the growth of mildew. ERA HE detergent is recommended as one that does not.

Mar 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

Leave the door open, to combat the smell. Make sure your washer is installed on a solid foundation! check your pockets, wipe your rubber boot clean, if you would like to close the door!...Fyi..all front loads have the same problems not just frigidaire!..just my opinion, as i Have been servicing them for a long time!

Feb 18, 2011
Washer sucks
by: Anonymous

We have had service out 4 or 5 times in the two years we have owned this washer.
It is hit or miss if my shirts or pants have some kind of soap stain or moldy dirt stain on them and have to be rewashed.
The door gasket always has a black build up of gunk which is probably mold, dirt and???
I would not buy another one.

Dec 29, 2010
What is that smell?!?
by: Brandy W

We bought our Affinity washer and dryer set in the fall of 2007. The latch on the washer door has had to be replaced three times already - you have to GENTLY lift up and shut the door because it sags. My opinion is that this is ridiculous - you should be able to just shut the damned door - not have to lift up on it every time.
At first it was really quiet and the spin cycle was very smooth - but now it makes a ton of noise on spin. It seems like at least half the time it does not rinse the clothes - they can be so heavy I have to wring them out and sometimes hang them because I do not like to put DRIPPING, SOPPING WET clothes in the dryer.
We have had to have this washer serviced four times already. The dryer has had to be serviced once. We average two loads of laundry a day - at least - and I was so excited to finally have a front loader. We had our top load washer for 10 years before it gave out and never had the problems with it that we do with our Affinity.
One of the worst things about this washer is the mold on the seal and the smell. I have ran bleach through a full cycle with no clothes - I have actually done that two times in a row. I do this regularly. I have scrubbed on the seal with bleach and Lysol. I keep the door open when the washer is not running. I clean the dispenser for the detergent frequently as well. I have done everything that is said to do to prevent the mold but it has not prevented or helped it. It is so gross and it smells.
I would not recommend this washer to anyone. I have a Frigidaire refrigerator that we bought new 7 years ago and it has been great - no problems. I will not purchase another one of their washer/dryers and wouldn't suggest anyone else to either. I would have paid more money for a better washer or went with another top loader if I had had any idea what we were getting into.

Dec 29, 2010
Smelly Frigidaire
by: Louise

Our three year old HE Frigidaire front load washer now leaves our laundry sooo smelly, and the cost and time it takes to rid the washer and clothes of the smell makes us wonder..exactly what have we gained? We have tried all the possible solutions...affresh, bleach,..and the extreme solution ..we are now taking the washer apart to find the smelly source...ugh...

Sep 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

Well after a month and a half of owning a frigidaire HE washing machine, I can agree that there is a smell issue.
So far I've enjoyed my machine its easy to use and looks great.
TILL, yesturday and the pump broke down on it. ARGGGG.
I have no mental capacity to deal with broken expensive washing machines!

Sep 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

Worst washer I have ever owned! No matter what we do, mold builds up in the gasket on the door and smells terrible. Anything we wash smells bad and the smell does not go away even after rewashing and drying the clothes over and over.

The soap dispenser fills up with water that never drains out! The water spills out when you open the drawer to put soap in it to wash a new load. What a bad design on a washer! And who knows how dangerous the black mold is as it grows bigger each day!

May 30, 2010
Stinks, literally.
by: Kim H.

My husband is upstairs right now taking apart the washer to clean it. It smells horrible, again. Water and dirt collects in the drain hose and sits there eventually turning into a black mess of horrible stinky gunk. It always smells.

We have tried everything with this washer. The tablets to shock it, vinegar, bleach. This thing needs more attention than my two kids to stay clean. I can't wait to get rid of it.

Unless you are on a septic and need to use less water, I would stay away from front loaders and especially from this model/brand. Awful, awful, awful. If I could give negative stars for it I would.

May 10, 2010
the worst!
by: Anonymous

the worst ever!!! After 6 months I've bought it the drum fell off. Never mind 16 towels for a 3.5 cubic capacity. The technician told me those washing machines can not hold more than 5 towels at the time.

In two years I've called the tech 4 times... result??? my washing machine is still not spinning... Thank goodness I've bought the extended warranty... 4 times later that I've called the technician is still not working. My suggestion? Do not buy a Frigidare Affinity and do not buy an extended warranty. They are both not worth it!!!!!

Apr 16, 2010
by: Anonymous

Two pros are that it uses less water than the other washer that I used to have since the water does not have to fill up as high and that it conserves electricity.

Two Cons are that it does not disperse the detergent as well as the kenmore washer that I had and it has a high pitched noise as the timer alarm which my mother can not hear since she is getting old.

It is an average machine...it does wash clothes but does not have any aspect that makes it amazing. Compared to most washers at this price, it does a below average job since it takes longer to wash than a more outdated and less efficient washer that was recently retired due to age and damage through natural use.

Kenmore washers seem to wash better, but this washer is supposed to save more energy. Also, it does use less water since it takes less time to fill up to start washing. It fits well in my small utility room and is affordable. The time it takes to wash and the quality of the wash is relatively the same and average.

It does look more modern and stylish but in the end it is still a washer. The machine runs too loud when the spin control is raised and sometimes starts shaking violently if the load is heavy. This effect is disturbing and often violates a quiet home.

The color is white and shiny since it is new and sparkly. It is easy to keep clean and does not seem to be difficult to care for when used properly. Under normal circumstances, I expect this washer to last me for a long time. Since it has many options cycles and washing modes, it should be a decent washer for any household.

The new technology makes it easier to use and it has more buttons unlike the older washers that have knobs. So the new parts are more awkward to adapt to, but the wash quality seems to be the same. Overall it is a good washer for any family, but there is most likely a better buy that does the washing more quickly and efficiently.

Jul 31, 2009
Frigidaire Affinity
by: Drew

My overpriced Affinity has been a horrible experience. It regularly tears and destroys clothes leaving a burned rubbery residual on the tear. It often leaves clothes with a musty smell and though leveled it is loud and shaky as hell in the spin cycle. Very attractive looking set, but a huge dissappointment.

Jan 02, 2009
Time saved is liberating
by: Tiana

Well I would like to submit my comments and thoughts on my Frigidaire appliance. I have the Frigidaire Affinity washing machine. My purchase year was May of 2007.

The appliance has been so easy to operate. I have been able to put my Affinity through quite a few of my own home testing. Since in my home I have two children and both of my boys like to play out in the play yards. I have to do a lot of laundry of course. So my Affinity has been up to the task every time that I turn the machine on.

I know that I can even put a full capacity load in and I can expect for great soil removal from the load that I placed in the wash. I use regular washing detergent and the regular amount of course.

Before I bought my Affinity, I had to go to the laundry mat and measure how many pairs are in this washer and that washer to make sure that I didn't overwhelm the machine and I would have to pay twice. On some occasions I would have to do just that to at least get our clothes looking presentable. My husband would have to give me a little extra every time I would have to go to make sure his work clothes were properly washed.

Now I don't have to do any of that hassling task. now all I do is grab all of the boys separate hampers and load my Affinity. I am usually done in about two hours. Even that is including the bedding. I put all my clothes on the quick cycle. Then thirty minutes later I'm loading the next load. I don't have to rewash anything. Which is so liberating to me.

I have more time to play with my kids. Or listen to my husband tell me about his new project that he is working on. I'm not always at the laundry mat rewashing several loads of laundry every week. Which would take me on average all day. Since I would also be waiting for another washer to open.

Well I do appreciate the time that I have now. Some people may not understand but those of you that do feel me when I say that I have had it with laundry mats and basement washer/dryer hookups in your sisters apartment building. I am so happy to have my washer. Not only that I am happy that it was a smart purchase. There was and has not been any buyers remorse with this machine.

Myself and my family have been very satisfied with the durability of our Affinity. And we would like to tell anybody who is in the market for a new washing machine, we recommend an Affinity by Frigidaire.

Some of the features that have been really helpful to me is the quick cycle, delicates cycle, and the permanent press. The temperature selections are cool. And the soil selections are also very well used.

Nov 23, 2008
What a washing machine should be !
by: Anonymous

Well, My washing machine is absolutely what a washing machine should be. I have not had any problems with this product since it was purchased last year.

I bought it new. and I have been putting it to the test on many occasions, and every time it has performed exactly how i like to have my washing machine work.

My dedicates have always been an issue with the "other brands" in which I will not name but I will say the delicate cycle for this particular machine is a excellent one. I have been happy with this purchase and I plan on buying more of the brand in the near future.

I hope that the other products that Frigidaire does offer performs at the same efficiency as the washing machine has been performing at because if so they really have a lifetime customer on their hands.

and plus i use a certain brand of laundry detergent and partnered with the effectiveness of the machine my clothes are not fading like they would with the other machines that i have used. My clothes colors have a longer life span, i guess you can say.

i really am enjoying the machine and the matching dryer. And for the record, I will say this, the quietness of the machine is so cool, i was so used to the loud turning and water injecting into the machine that I was so happy to hear this machine in action.

It really has a low noise level. and that is another reason why I love to rave about this item. Very smart purchase on my part. And I am happy to say it was worth every penny.

Nov 23, 2008
Always gets clothes clean for me
by: Anonymous

This washing machine is all good. I must say. It does the job. Its really does perform exactly how a washing machine is supposed to perform. I know that every time I load up my washing machine that I will have clean and great smelling clothes. I had to go to the public washing place were you have to rewash your clothes two maybe three times in order for my clothes to be wearable. Not anymore. I love my washer. It is a top performing machine. Every time i need to throw in a quick outfit or I have to toss in a king sized comforter. My washing machine is there for me.

Nov 20, 2008
Easy as 1 - 2 -3 !
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have been using this machine from the past 3 years. I bought it from the near by store. I am really very happy with my washer.

It has a variety of washing options. Depending up on the load and type of the cloth we can select the perfect washing option.

Using this machine is as simple as counting 1..2...3.

1) Load the machine with clothes and detergent
2) select water type like hot,warm,or cold.
3) select washing option.

The machine will do the rest.

I am also using the dryer from the same company. I never get any problem with these. So I recommend my friend to have 'WHIRL POOL" washer or dryer if they ask my openion before ordering for washer or dryer.

But I heard from one of friends that the paint will go off and rust will form at the corners of the washer. Of course she is also using the same machine.

But till today I never had a problem. I suggest people who are using washing machines from any company use the detergent as prescribed in the manual. Before using your machine reading the manual helps a lot. That really extends the life of your machine.

Before this I used BPL machine. Of course the capacity of BPL I used was low. But when compared I am more happy with this.

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