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Frigidaire Affinity ATF8000FS Washer

Apparently, Frigidaire not only makes iceboxes and kitchen appliances, but also fares well in the laundry department. Its line of washers and dryers is competitive and at par with other leading brands. Now, with the Frigidaire ATF8000 series, Frigidaire takes on the challenge of making more innovative and consumer-sensitive laundry machines.

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Product Overview

The Frigidaire ATF8000 is an exceptional front loader washer that can handle heavy loads of laundry, performing with a quiet efficiency that is impressive for its size and kind. Many innovative features such as an electronic LED display and control panel let users input their desired cycles with ease of just pressing and tapping on the screen. Its king-size capacity can take on very heavy loads while consuming only low levels of water and energy.

The Frigidaire ATF8000 also has a built-in thermostat that helps regulate the temperature of the water so that cleaning results are consistent. The front loader door does so much more than display the washing process with crystal clarity but also has a tight seal lock that prevents leaks.


There are a lot of things that one can find very useful when using the Frigidaire ATF8000. Its sturdy body comes in attractive colors such as black, blue, and even silver. Its sleek and modern design makes it an enviable appliance that can look good wherever it is placed.

Its tight door seal not only makes sure to lock in leaks, but is also easy to open when putting in or pulling out the laundry. A light at the door handle also helps one find the opening during low light conditions.

Washing Action

When it comes to washing action, the Frigidaire ATF8000 does so much more than tumble then laundry in soapy water. It has seven preset wash cycles that can take care of every kind of fabric or cloth that needs washing.

Its gentle tumbling action is different from standard agitators found in other machines, lifting clothes and plunging these into water to effectively lift out stains, dirt, and even odor without damaging the fibers.

The Frigidaire ATF8000 also has five wash and rinse temperature selections to better control the washing based on the need or severity of stains and dirt on the fabric. One can choose from light, medium, and heavy soil Options based on the stains and dirt in the laundry. The indicator light will display the progress with the laundry washing.

Though the rinsing capabilities of this washer effectively rinses out any detergent residue
from the clothes, if one feels the need for an extra rinse or two, all that's needed is to set it to do so with just a few touches on its digital LED display and control panel. For instance. when soaking some clothes for a long time to get rid of stains, the Frigidaire ATF8000 can be set to start washing automatically after long hours on stand by.

Icare Intelligent Washing

Different types of fabrics merit different kinds of laundering methods. The Frigidaire ATF8000 takes this into consideration with its iCare Intelligent washing and iWash Intelligent options that automatically weigh the load, analyze, and compute the necessary amount of water and detergent, as well as the type of washing cycle to be used.

From flimsy negligees to sturdy jeans, users can rest easy that fabrics will come out clean, sanitized, and still in excellent condition. The Frigidaire ATF8000's built-in thermostat helps keep fabrics in great shape and color by controlling the temperature of the water used for laundering.

Nice Sound

For a large machine that effectively cleans and rinses out the laundry, its pretty silent and operates only with a quiet whirring. Its whisper-like sounds barely betray the powerful washing and rinsing capabilities of the Frigidaire ATF8000. This washer may be tough on stains, dirt, and germs but is gentle and caring for fabrics.

The Frigidaire ATF8000 is not only an effective washer that can do the laundry with as much efficiency and less effort as possible but also offers more. This line of washer is cost-effective, helping users save on water, electricity, detergent, and effort compared to using normal and traditional kinds of washers.

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Homeowners can definitely get the value for their money with the Frigidaire ATF8000. Despite its large capacity, this washer can be installed in a variety of ways such as freestanding or even hidden in closets. Many homeowners who have purchased this model definitely say that the price is worth it.

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Some people say that the Frigidaire ATF8000 is an expensive piece of equipment that fails to deliver. Rare instances of the door latching on too tightly, making it hard to open the door, have been reported. However, this only demonstrates the secure locking and sealing capabilities of this washer.
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• operates silently

• has many wash and rinse cycles

• sleek and modern

• a bit expensive

• door sometimes hard to open

• keeps water in the bleach compartment

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Comments for Frigidaire Affinity ATF8000FS Washer

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Jun 07, 2011
The Door
by: Anonymous

I like this machine the door is tight but I find that to be a safety hazard for children. children are very curious and we wouldn't them climbing into the bin of this beautiful appliance

Sep 27, 2010
Bad door
by: Anonymous

ATF8000FS has door problems.My machine tore up in 17 months.It was due to door switch.Will never buy another washing machine made by Frigidaire.

May 17, 2009
Overall not worth the extra dough. Avoid.
by: Michael Mahoney

This washer is not worth the price. Ours takes a ridiculous time to complete a load, doesn't save much electricity at all (according to my ammeter), and hasn't made a dent in my water bill.

The thing is designed well enough, but I've been told by a qualified repairman that I can expect the bearings to go on any Frigidaire machine quickly, and that they're not really worth it to replace. I hope they last at least a few years.

I do like the controls, they're easy for my elderly mother-in-law to follow.

I find it very frustrating that the door stays locked for quite a while after the machine stops. There I am, the load stops spinning and comes to a stop. Then the @#$& door stays locked for what seems like forever but is in fact at least a couple of minutes, with me wasting my time waiting while the cycle is clearly stopped. Annoying in the extreme.

Overall not worth the extra dough. Avoid.

Apr 29, 2009
Would buy it again
by: Anonymous

The Frigidaire Affinity washer runs great. In the 2 or so years I have owned it; it has never needed a repair or even had the slightest problem. It is a front loading washer which allows it to handle larger loads.

I am able to wash my all my king size comforters with no issues. In many cases there is even room left over even after the comforter is in there. I am able to wash larger loads in general compared to the old top loader I had previously.

I literally cram all the clothes, linens or towels I can into the washer and everything always gets fully cleaned. It is stackable as well to save space. I have it stacked with the Affinity dryer.

The controls are very easy to understand and use. It has one spinning knob to select the main cycle and then a few other buttons to select options for that cycle. There are multiple main cycle options. I don’t think I have used all of them yet. They have the usual cycles such as handwash, permanent press and others like soak, rinse only and spin only.

There are options for water temperature, strength of agitation (for heavily soiled items), strength of the spin cycle and a timer for when you actually want the washer to start. I actually used this setting a lot. I would get a load ready and time it to go off and be done when I got up in the morning so I could put it in the dryer before I left for work—or I would set it so it was done when I got home from work. This setting is handy because clothes are not sitting in the washer and getting sour.

The compartments for detergent, softener, bleach and the like is in a small tray that pulls out from the washer. After you add whatever detergents and all you slide the tray back into the washer and the separate tray compartments are flooded with water at different times during the cycle to ensure all the detergent or softener is fully added to the load.

Over all, I love this washer and would by it again if I had too.

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