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Frigidaire 189407

by Craig

I bought my Frigidaire 189407 just over two years ago when I purchased a new home. I bought it from HHGregg along with the matching drying. I have used my washing machine about four times every two weeks and it has worked flawlessly. This washing machine was the first high efficiency front loading machine I have every owned and I was a little skeptical at first knowing that it uses only ¼ of the water used in a traditional machine.

However, it has done nothing but amazed me with its capabilities. There are plenty of settings for what ever type of load you are going to run and it also has sensors to detect the load size so the proper amount of water and time is used for each load. I have also been amazed and impressed with the amount of stuff you can put into it.

Without the agitator in the middle, you have even more room to wash large items, including my queen size comforter. The other amazing thing about this machine is the high speed spin cycle at the end. This cycle does a wonderful job to wring out most of the water in the clothes, which dramatically reduces the time the dryer has to run. It has even made it possible to continuously run laundry now that I don’t have to wait on the dryer every time.

The only downside I can see to this washing machine is that due to the high speed spin cycle, the clothes come out very wrinkled and often the dryer wont even get the wrinkles out; however, this small issue is vastly outweighed by the capabilities of this machine. I would recommend this product to anyone.

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