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Frigidaire 13 Cycle Top Load Washer #GLWS1233AS2

by Mary
(Ralston, NE)

We love our Frigidaire Washing Machine! We bought the washer a couple of years ago at Nebraska Furniture Mart, and are so glad we went there when we did. (It's the largest appliance and furniture retailer in our area.The washer does a wonderful job.

Although it looks small in size, it holds a ton of clothes, towels, etc. In fact, since we are always in a hurry, we often overstuff the washer. It doesn't seem to ever need additional soap to clean the clothing. We never seem to have any problems with the items coming out clean, smelling good and without lint.

When we were looking for a new washer, we debated about which model to purchase. We chose this washer solely on the price. It was on sale and it seemed like it was a good value. The Frigidaire washers were on sale, so we thought we would take a chance. We never had used a Frigidaire before. Usually we have purchased Kenmores, and have always been loyal to that brand in the past. We had no idea that it would take the beating that it does, and still do a great job.

Compared to the last washer we had, we never have to worry about our laundry getting clean. Our previous washing machine would periodically not fully drain, and we would have to manually spin out the laundry. In addition, sometimes lint would line up around the top of the lid and need to be manually cleaned out. To date, we have not had any problems with our Frigidaire. It seems to make sure it keeps the area clean and lint free.

There are only a couple of complaints I have. The first is that this washer tends to lock up while it thinks it still is in motion. Sometimes it seems to lock early and prevents us from opening when it is filling. If you have a few last minute items that you want to toss in, it makes it a little inconvenient. I know this is a safety feature to make sure no one gets hurt during the spin cycle, but sometimes the lock seems to stay hooked even when the washer isn't running. I think it has to sit a few minutes before we can open it. Which, when you are in a hurry can cause problems.

Also, the paint seems to be flaking off the outside of the washer, which can detract from it's outward appearance. We haven't used any cleaners to clean the top of the washer, so it shouldn't have any reason for the paint to flake off.

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Apr 05, 2015
13 Cycle Frigidaire washer NEW
by: Clo

I have the same washer in France. It has been working well for several years but now, tthe pump seems to not work anymore. It spins but without having emptied out. Anyone have the same problem ?

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