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Fridgidaire GLTF1240AS0 Washer

by CB

The wash tub (that holds the water - the inner basin holds the clothes) broke after 7 years. A 6 inch chunk came out of the top left of the part. Clearly a manufacturing defect. It is not under warranty. Also, I need to pay a technician to come by to make an assessment, then pay to have it fixed. Not impressed with Fridgidaire.

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Aug 12, 2011
Broken after six years
by: Anonymous

Mine would ocassionally keep running the entire night while I was sleeping......pouring water in and draining it out. I'd start it, go to bed thinking I'd throw them in the dryer in the mornign & was horrified to see it stuck on a rinse/spin cycle. Did that to me three times during the six years, so couldn't trust it to complete its cycle after that. Now, the clothes are soaking wet, obviously the machine didn't go into spin, and also the tumbler wasn't going around to clean the clothes. Called a repair man to assess. To fix will be over $500 before the labour & tax is added.....problem was a pooched control board. Bought a new Bosch w/matching dryer to be delivered this Sat. morning. My old Kenmore dryer is still going strong after more than 25 years but because of its age and because there's now rebates available, my new dryer was thrown in for free as long as I took the washer/dryer set.
I wouldn't buy another Frigidaire appliance, and stay away from anything Fedders or Maytag....they'
ve gone bankrupt.

Oct 14, 2010
Frigidaire washer GLTF1240AS0
by: Anonymous

Not impressed, my machine broke after 6 yrs. The inner and outer basket and main bearing broke. The inner basket was covered under warranty but not the outer?! It was not worth repairing. I paid for a local service man to come and look at it. He wrote me a repair slip which I faxed to Frigidaire at their request, because I felt it was all a warranty item. They said we have to have our technician look at it. We don't take someone elses word. So you can bet the next service call was alot more expensive. He was here for about 3 min and looked at the previous repair slip I showed him and said that is exactly what is wrong with it. And I paid for that.

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