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by starvinmarvin

We bought the Estate TAWX700JQ washer in 2002, and it has done a good job for 7 years now. We got the matching dryer, too (Estate TEDX640JQ). The pair cost $499. This a basic washer with proven reliable mechanical control knobs rather than electronic controls.

For us, the best feature is the extra rinse you get on the Permanent-press wash cycle. It is labelled "Cool-down Pause". In effect, it's a pre-rinse. The tub drains but does not spin. then it fills , rinses, and spins. After that, it fills again for the regular rinse cycle. So, you get an extra rinse disguised in the Permanent-press cycle - not bad! Anyway, it washes the clothes and is still working with no problems.

One thing to note about the spiral-shaped agitator post in all washers made by Whirlpool is that if you overload the tub with too many clothes, that agitator post will beat up the collars and cuffs and waistbands leaving shirts and pants looking frayed around the edges. So, DO NOT OVERLOAD the washer.

By the way, the Estate dryer has also worked worked perfectly for seven years.

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