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Estate Electric Dryer (EED4400VQ )

Our Estate electric dryer is the super capacity model and has worked great for the three years we have owned and used it. We bought it because it was one of the cheapest dryers available when we first got married.

We chose to go with the Estate because it is a model of Whirlpool (which is obviously a bigger, better known name brand). The large capacity is nice for drying big loads well and without them getting wrinkled.

The dryer itself has three temperature selection options (regular, permanent press, no heat/fluff) and takes your laundry through a five-cycle drying system. It has a front swinging door, which works out fine because it opens towards the wall, away from the washer.

We have moved it to different homes twice, and it is fairly easy (although awkward and large) to move. It was easily carried both times between two people. The only downside to this dryer (which has hopefully been fixed by now) was that it was only available with an old type of electrical plug.

We had to purchase a new one and fix the wiring in order to be able to plug it correctly into the new type of electrical outlet specifically for dryers. Other than that though, it has been a terrific dryer with no complaints or problems.

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Jun 15, 2010
Energy Star
by: Anonymous

Is this dryer: The Whirlpool Estate Electric dryer Model :EED4400VQ0 rated as an energy star model?

Apr 07, 2009
Old dryer now takes 2 or 3 cycles to get laundry dry.
by: Crawford

Several years ago, when our family was living in our very first house, one of the easiest decisions that we made was to stop our frequent trips to the laundromat and start doing all our laundry for ourselves at home. We didn't have that much money, and our house had no dedicated laundry room, just a space in the basement, so we decided to buy a pair of Whirlpool Estate units from Lowes, I believe.

For all of the four years that we used them at our old house, I had no complaints - not a single one! They were inexpensive and serviceable machines that I was able to maintain when necessary and they appeared to get our clothing quite clean and dry with absolutely no issues. That unfortunately changed when we moved to a new house about an hour away. I have no idea what happened during the move, but somehow, the dryer stopped drying our clothes efficiently. The washer still worked great, but the dryer would now take two or sometimes three cycles to get our laundry dry.

I checked to make sure that there were no obstructions in the dryer vent (there were none) but still the dryer would consistently take two or three cycles to complete. Eventually, we just accepted the situation and now we have been dealing with it for about four years. We have talked several times about getting new machines and moving the Estate models to the basement as backup units as my wife runs a clothing business, but with the economy as it is, we simply don't have the money.

Overall I was very happy with the purchase of the Whirlpool Estate dryer, but this pattern of having to dry multiple times really makes laundry take a long time. Overall, I'd say that they were good purchases (especially since they are on the cheap side) but we could really use an upgrade now.

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