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electrolux Wave-Touch 4.7 cu. ft. Front Load Washer

Electrolux Wave-Touch High Efficiency 4.7 cu ft. Capacity Front Load Washer I bought recently this washer machine and I love everything about it. I like so much that this dryer has a huge room space for much quantity of clothes. It has extra large capacity, so I save time doing the laundry.

I can put big loads in the washer machine and it do an excellent job. Before I decide to bought this washer machine, I always wasted so many time doing the laundry, now I can enjoy more time with my daughter and my husband.

Another feature that I'm wondered is that the washer machine come with a cycle called Fast cycle, that is excellent when I have to hurry. This cycle only need 18 minutes to do the job of washing the clothes. The clothes end very clean.

This is one of my favorite cycles. I love to have the option to washing clothes more easily and very fast. The washer machine has other many cycles to choose. It has 56 cycles in total. Some of the cycles are customizable. This washer machine also is good because it is energy saver.

I save more money now from my electric bill. I bought this washer in a pretty hot red color. I love this color, is more bright and fun. Now I enjoy doing the laundry.

The price for this washer machine is expensive, but is a good inversion. It has an excellent quality. I highly recommend it for the people who want to save time doing laundry.

- extra large capacity an that save time doing laundry

- expensive price
-the pedestals for making the washer more high are sold separately.

A 5 star rating.

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Jul 08, 2013
Oder gone
by: Anonymous

I like the Wave_Touch, there was a stagnant smell but I simply remedied that by leaving the door ajar between washings.

May 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

i have no problems with greying or odors from my electrolux washer and dryer, seems to work great and the water savings and electric savings are significant. would recomend this appliance

Dec 31, 2009
reconsider this product
by: disappointedbuyerIL

I bought this washer because I was told it was the best and would last a long time--There is NOTHING about this washer that lived up to those promises. It smelled and needed to be cleaned weekly with expensive products like A-Fresh and Tide. It was incredibly rough on all my clothing, causing small holes at seams and excessive wear and fading --new clothing looked years old after one or two washes. Short wash cycles never removed odor from clothing. But the worst was THIS WASHER CHANGED THE COLOR OF MY CLOTHING. All CLOTHING GRAYED EXCESSIVELY! Whites became gray completely gray not just discolored and anything with white and a color came out completely gray. Light colors like pink or blue came out of the wash silver gray--no color anymore. It took a GREAT effort and many, many service calls to replace this unit because the problem could not be identified. The owner manual stated that "graying" could be a problem with this machine. It suggested three causes 1) improper sorting (clearly not the issue, let’s not insult the buyers) 2) not enough soap (repair men told me repeatedly that too much soap and residual suds could be the issue so use half of the recommended amount-so again clearly not the issue) 3)use hotter water ( using hot water when washing colors with white causes colors to bleed so again clearly not a solution) I urge you NOT TO BUY THIS PRODUCT

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