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Electrolux (Frigidaire) GLER341AS2

by Lynn Radford
(Huntington, WV)

I have had this model for a couple years now and it has truly lived up to my expectations. When we purchased this model, I just wanted to get it home. However, my other half is VERY DEMANDING when it come to warranties and he insisted on purchasing the 5-year extended warranty on the dryer but as of today, I have not had to utilize it not one time!

It is a very reliable model with no maintenance required. It is quiet and has 4 different heat settings which is just what I need. I initially used the dryer for about 8 months and then I relocated but the new location did not have the recepticle to accommodate the dryer. Then a year later I purchased a home and relocated once again.

Through it all the dryer has never failed me. Of course, as with any dryer it is very important to keep the lint filter cleaned as well as the vent hose. Making sure the vent hose is not crimped and preventing the air to escape can result in a build up of lint and ultimately becomes a very dangerous fire hazard. Equally important is the heat setting, it is entirely possible to scorch your clothing by having it on too high of a heat setting and for too long.

Also, there was a time when my husband felt it was acceptable for the kids to put their tennis shoes in the dryer, however very few dryers were made to take this kind of abuse and I had to stop it (plus I couldn't stand the thumping!). I have not had any of these problems with my latest model, and I am almost convinced that any problems that I will have will probably be due to human error!

Of course, I still have a couple of years on my extended warranty, so prayerfully any problems that I do have will be covered!

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