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Electrolux EDI96150W

by Hary
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

My first experience using washing machine is the white Electrolux EDI96150W. It is when I live in my auntie houses for several days. She have this great machine that using high tech that can make clothes dry faster. It's called 'Reverse Tumbling' technology that combine Condensor with Iron Aide Dryer, my auntie said.

I don't know exactly what is the most special of this washing machine except the 'reverse tumbling' because I don't have any washing machine in my house so I can't compare and sharing. In my house I used to manual washing clothes with hand and water and detergent. So first time I use washing machine it's just like 'love at the first sight' and then I planning to have it for saving my time from waiting clothes dried. But when I know the price and electric use, I think I better find another one. I like this stuff but my money and power consumption in my house is doesn't enough. Might be someday when I rich I'll buy a new one.

For me using Electrolux EDI96150W is better than manual washing (of course ^_^), because the machine really help busy people out of ironing clothes. But for some shirts I think we still need ironing for our excellent style. And last, I like this machine because its capacity is big so I can saving time in laundry.

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Sep 15, 2010
stay away from electrolux!
by: crewmom

Dont buy any eletcrolux washer is under 1 year old repair man here every other week. Dont buy sear 3t either. i dpnt know what to try next maybe a speed queen i want a meile but these seem just ok with reviews.i have five kids i need a machine that will give me five to seven years a front loader.

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