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Sometimes our living spaces are not large enough to accommodate a full size washer, but going to the Laundromat, dropping quarter after quarter into machines, hauling laundry back and forth, sitting in the heat and humidity that is generated by the number of washers and dryers can be a real pain. A portable washer is a great alternative to this inconvenience.

There are two portable washing machines that are currently on the market that are garnering a great deal of attention. These washers are small, easy to store and, best of all, portable with reviews that are consistently positive from satisfied owners.

Both of these washers are manufactured and distributed by Danby. They are the DWM99W and the DTT420W. While these two washers are similar, there are some differences between the two and it is up to the consumer to determine which washer best suits their needs.

About Danby

Danby, founded in 1947, has become one of the largest companies for household appliances in North America. They actually carry four brands: Danby, Diplomat, Silhouette and Simplicity. Retailers around the world carry Danby products.

Their sales and service teams, however, have a strong commitment to customer service before and after purchase. They also have Service Depots in various areas and these depots can be located through the Danby website at www.danby.com.

With this in mind, you know that your Danby washer or other product will have a stable company backing it and that customer and technical support will be easily attainable.


Both these two Danby washers are compact and both have castors allowing them to be easily moved. They also require no direct plumbing.

Both washers have a quick connect attachment feature that allows them to be connected directly to nearly any standard faucet.

Each washer has certain specification that make it a very desirable washer for small spaces such as apartments, studios and smaller homes.

Danby’s DWM99W Portable washer

This washer is 20 ½ inches wide (side to side), 20 ½ inches deep (front to back) and 34 ¾ inches tall (top to bottom). It is a mere 82 pounds which makes it much easier to move around.

With a capacity of 8.8 pounds (4.2 kg), 4 water settings and 5 cycles, this energy efficient washer with a full length agitator has three temperature settings (hot, warm and cold) and fabric selection options. It is also noted for its quiet operation.

Danby’s DTT420W Portable washer

This washer is slightly larger, at 28 15/16 inches wide (side to side), 17 2/16 inches deep (front to back) and 36 4/16 inches tall (top to bottom). The castors still allow it to be easily moved however. It weighs in at 70 pounds.

This washer has a 10 pound (4.5 kg) capacity with two wash options of normal and gentle. It has a lint filter, a safety lid that stops the spinning when open and has a 1600 RPM spin dry cycle.

It is energy efficient with a full length agitator, is rust resistant galvanized steel cabinet and is very quiet.

Danby Portable washer Features

Each Danby washer offers features that are specific to the type of machine that it is and to meet different needs for different customers.

Features such as capacity, water level settings, cycles and other things that you look for in a washer are different but these top quality washers offer the best of the best.

Customer Reviews

You can read all you want about any product, but that really means little until you hear real reviews from real customers. Owners of these Danby washing machines are very pleased with their products.

Reviews consistently rave about these washing machines' cleaning ability, the fact that they are very quiet when operating and the instruction manual that is very easy to follow.

In fact, it is this last feature that is constantly commented on my customers in reviews. The user's manual is very easy to use and follow with simple, detailed instructions.

The complaints that customers record have to do mainly with the hoses. Some customers say that they must elevate the hoses and others say that the apparatus for attaching the washer to the faucet is a little difficult to maintain sometimes.

They also say that the draining hoses would be better if they were a little larger, but even the customers who mention these things still rave over their washer and say that they are very pleased.

Washing machines come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and models, but if you are looking for space saving, energy efficient, easy to use washers that won't cost you an arm and a leg, you could stand to at least take a look at these two danby washers. You never know, you may be surprised. One of them could be just what the doctor ordered.

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