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Danby DTT420 Top Load

I have a Danby DTT420 Top Load washer and it has really been a time and energy saver for me. I don’t have the space for a traditional washer and dryer and the laundry room in my building is dirty and dark and feels very unsafe. I hated going down to the basement and I was always trying to use my friends’ washer and dryer.

So I finally invested in this compact machine. It is different than I had expected - not automatic. Now that I have it, I see that it couldn’t really be automatic, but still that was disappointing at first. Now that I have used it for a few months, it is not a big deal.

I understand the workings and the way the machine cycles, so I am able to make it go fairly smoothly and quickly. It has a good design and one great feature is that the spinning really extracts a lot of water. I think it does a better job than regular home washing machines that I have used. I am very impressed by this feature because it allows the clothing to get dry much faster than they other wise would. I often just dry things on a rack - air drying is the way to go!

This washer is pretty quiet all things considered. I mean it is not as quiet as it would be if it were in a separate room down the hall, but for being in the same room when it is going, it is tolerable. I usually have my ipod headphones on, so it is not a problem with that going on.

It holds more clothes than I thought. But you can’t over fill it or you will end up with some overflow problems. I learned that the hard way and have not had it happen again.

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