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Cyclone Wash Mate

by James

I’ve owned my portable washing machine, the Cyclone Wash Mate for about one year now, and I love it. I’ve gotten way more use out of it then ever expected.

I spend a lot of time camping in the forests all over the United States in a communal type of setting (500+ people at any given time) and we’ve been known to spend weeks or even months in one location. With a solar power or electrical generator nearby, a portable washing machine is a lifesaver!

Before this we would simply wash our clothes in the river – the same river used for bathing. But not anymore!

I am now the talk of all the camp sites; and I am often granted access to any luxuries others have brought (extra food, drink, activities, etc). This is a great conversational piece, and I haven’t even mentioned its main use yet!

This does a great job at cleaning a small load of clothes or other soiled material in a relatively quick amount of time.

Coming in at just less than $100, the Cyclone Wash Mate is really quite a value for the money. I don’t see how I ever managed to get by without it!

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