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Conserve More Energy With Appliances!!!

by Renee
(Charlotte, NC)

One of the best ways I think folks can become more green is by saving energy when it comes to household appliances. Unplug appliances like the toaster, computer, etc. when not in use. Plan a laundry day once a week & only wash full loads(with only cold water if you can). Turn off lights in rooms that no one's in. These simple changes of routine can make a huge difference in the long run when it comes to carbon emissions & the electric bill!

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air dry your dishes too
by: Viva

This is great advice; most people don't even think of the simplest ways to cut energy costs like this.

Here is another tip: after your dishwasher finishes its cycles and starts to dry, turn it off, prop the door open, blot excess water from the things on the upper shelf and then let it all air dry. This saves money!

This is great advice!
by: Anonymous

I think this is great advice! I don't think people relize that even if an appliance is not on it doesn't put any electicity the truth is it does you can cut you bill by just unpluging anythin not in use including your washer and dryer!

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