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Conair Handheld Steamer : Model #GS15RN

by Olivia Brooke
(Hattiesburg, MS USA)

This is the best product for the money that you spend. I purchased this to take on vacation, and I found an amazing product. It is very light weight and can be used on anything. I can plug it up anywhere and use it for hanging garments or just laying garments.

I've done everything from the curtains, table clothes, clothes, and even my outdoor flags. It generates a good bit of steam, so you can even use it on heavier fabrics. I found that it was great for travel because it is so compact and small.

It beats standing over my ironing board any day. It has a small brush attached to it for lent which is great. It's not bulky or unattractive either. It can even be carried in your purse. I purchased one for my office, and I have found it comes in handy when your needing those wrinkles out before a client walks in. It's also very durable.

I have dropped mine several times and it has stood up very well. Plus, it usually comes with a year warranty which I haven't had to use. It's a great compact, portable product for the amount of money you spend.

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Sep 10, 2009
I almost never leave home without it.
by: Anonymous

I work for a top bank, traveling for meetings, so my appearance is critical. I had to find something that was quick and easy, but would keep me looking freshly pressed.

My Conair Handheld Fabric Steamer does just that. It’s so easy to use! I take it everywhere because it’s so light and compact that I can easily tuck it into my suitcase or carry-on without any problems. It takes up about the size of a pair of my shoes and even comes in its own little protective bag which keeps things from being snagged and torn.

I have used it on most all the traditional fabrics – cotton, linen, silk, satin and even denim. On top of that – it uses only regular tap water! No chemicals, no special cleaning solutions to add – just water! There aren’t any complicated cleaning, care or storage requirements either.

The Conair gets warm enough to remove the wrinkles and while, yes, there are certain safety measures that should taken with any such appliance, this one isn’t a high risk unit in terms of fabrics, pets or humans. Just don’t use it as a way to warm up in the dead of winter. On the down-side, if there has to be one, I would say my biggest complaint would be the cord length and reservoir.

The cord can be a bit awkward such as when I’m doing a full length cocktail dress, for instance, it is sometimes cumbersome to get the garment in a position where I can move around without entangling the cord and the dress and me. It is a handheld unit; so of course, the mouth isn’t overly large so it does take some time to work in smaller sections of the garment.

Likely the reservoir will need to be filled a couple of times to get an outfit ready. It only takes about five minutes to heat up, so that helps offset some of the extra time filling and refilling the steamer.

Sadly, as with many similar units, if there are deep creases or tight wrinkles the handheld steamer won’t quite get to the job done as well as an iron. Nonetheless, I am proud to say I’ve had the Conair for quite some time and I almost never leave home without it.

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