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Conair Handheld Fabric Steamer - GS15RN

I would highly recommend this steamer. I bought it because I needed it for a trip and it was cheap ($23 at Target). It was small, handheld, and fit in my suitcase without spending a lot of money. I didn’t want to invest a lot of money in a steamer because it just needed to work well enough to steam a couple of shirts and I didn’t think I’d use it again after this.

Before I got a steamer, I used to just throw my clothes in the dryer on de-wrinkle for about 15 minutes and stretch out the wrinkles. I thought it was the easiest way. But this steamer is faster, easier, and works way better.

It heats up in less than two minutes, and you can maneuver it easily to get out all the wrinkles in your clothes. This steamer is definitely easier than getting out an ironing board, folding your garments perfectly, and slowly ironing it.

I can iron a shirt in a couple of minutes and an entire outfit in fewer than five. Perfect for dress pants and shirts that are difficult to iron. Just hang up the garment on a hanger and run the steamer over it, spend more time on the more wrinkled areas and less time on the less wrinkled areas, it works great!

It has a long cord so you don’t have to be near an outlet to use it, and it has a pump to use for continuous steam. It works on everything from silk tops, to blazers, to dress pants.

I even heard of someone using it on their curtains! Steamers are definitely the way to go, the old fashioned way of ironing things is just so inconvenient and time consuming compared to steaming. This steamer works just as well if not better than an expensive one and is very convenient and low maintenance.

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May 13, 2015
fix NEW
by: Anonymous

Fix on-air steamer

Sep 10, 2009
Faster and better than ironing
by: Anonymous

- fast heating
- very portable

- cord not very long
- small surface area providing steam

I love my Conair Handheld Fabric Steamer. I use it almost every day, and it is must faster than ironing for getting the wrinkles out of clothes. I save time not putting clothes in the dryer and waiting for the wrinkles to fall out, or waiting for the iron to heat up.

The steamer is ready to steam after you plug it in after about 10 seconds. It had a bristle brush attachment on the end that is very useful for removing lint and hairs from clothes while steaming at the same time. It is very portable and I take it on vacation with me.

The only thing that could be better about it would be if the cord were longer. In all other areas, I give this product 5 stars. I have not had any problems with the functionality of the steamer, and if this one should happen to give out, I will definitely be buying another one!

This product is even sometimes better than an iron for getting really tough wrinkles and creases out. I have used it on drapes, clothes, shower curtains,and tablecloths. I like the fact that I don't have to worry about burning or scorching my clothes while using this product.

The water reservoir is easy to fill and lasts for a long time. I was happy to find that my Conair steamer also comes with a one year warranty and dual voltage for travel, although I have not used it in a place where the normal plug did not work. I think this product makes a great gift idea (I received it as a gift) and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Apr 08, 2009
Makes removing wrinkles quick and easy
by: Beth

This clothes steamer is a smaller handheld version. I chose it because it was small and easily packed away when going on trips. Since I purchased it I have indeed going on a few trips and it does fit nicely into the side of my smaller luggage bag.

Although easy to travel with, this is no its only good quality. I like the fact that the water reservoir is clear so I can see how much water I have left remaining. It also detached from the steamer itself so you don't have to try and pour water into it while holding the machine. This makes filling up the reservoir much simpler.

On the other hand, if you looking to steam a large amount of clothes, this model probably isn't for you. If I am steaming blouses, I can usually do 5 before the water runs out. If I am steaming slacks I can usually only steam 3 before the water runs out. It ultimately depends on how wrinkled your clothes are though.

This clothes steamer also has a lint brush which is nice. I frequently visit my mother who has 3 cats and of course always come back with cat hair all over everything I am wearing. Washing them doesn't always remove the cat hair and this does the trick nicely. That is pretty much the only thing I use it for however so I don't know how effective it is in other uses.

The cord is also a nice length. I use it the steamer in the bathroom, with the clothes hanging up on a hanger off of the shower curtain rod. The cord reaches over with some room to spare.

Using this steamer also really helps when you have clothes that you can't use an iron on. It removes the wrinkles well and you don't have to worry about damaging you nice clothes.

Overall I love this steamer, it wont replace your iron by any means but makes removing wrinkles quick and easy. Keep your iron around for those thick fabrics (like jeans) and items that are extremely wrinkled.

Mar 17, 2009
Recommended for smaller jobs
by: William

I have a Conair GS15 handheld steamer. I bought this particular unit online about a month or so ago. I did base the decision on looks, style and cost but that was not all that the decision was based on. What I was looking for was something to try out I needed some of my close like my button up shirts and even some of the T-Shirts to be wrinkle free not to look like I just pulled it out of the hamper.

This Particular unit was more or less a trial run to see if they really work I had never tried a clothes steamer before and was willing to give it a try. It did have some descent features for the price with a I “quote” from the site that I purchased it from a 650 watt heater, continuous steam, lint/fabric brush attachment, UL listed, limited one year warranty cant beat that well I like it to be honest with you it does get the wrinkles out and the attachment does help to collect some lint and help brush down on some of the cotton clothing I have.

The only real draw back from this particular unit is size I am looking to get a larger one for the house and try it out on other things than just clothing this one is a little under powered for that but does really get the job done for the clothes that I have. I have yet to try it on a suit to see if looks somewhat pressed but with the smaller unit like I have I doubt it would work.

All in all I would recommend this particular steamer to anyone that needs one for smaller jobs and it is some what portable to take on those long business trips.

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