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Conair garment steamer (GS4)


I bought this fabric steamer about two years ago and it is still doing the job for me. Its better then a normal iron. All you have to do is take your clothes from the closet and steam them. The clothes look much cleaner and the edges look sharper. I must say it was a pretty good buy and still is. I certainly recommended this to my friends and all of them have the same opinion about it.

Actually for me its more like an investment because it gets my job done pretty easily and smoothly. Even when I'm running late I still make sure that my clothes look ironed and that's where the Conair helps me do that. Its amazingly portable and easy to move around as it has wheels with it. You can move it around anywhere you want and its very light as well. Good thing about it is that it doesn't take a lot of space in your room. You can stuff it in any corner of your room. The plus point about the steamer is that you don't really have to fill it up with water everytime you want to use it. You just need to fill it up with water once a week and lasts long trust me. It is an essential for the modern home and it helps you steam your garments and household fabrics easily.

Moreover the price is very economical and it comes with a one year warranty. More over it has an automatic system of shutting off when the handle is replaced. It has a cool touch hose so your children and pets are safe around it.

Its a must have and you should certainly include it in your list of electronic buys. Once you buy it you'll never regret it. Its one of those things\ appliances which makes life easy and chores well done.

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Nov 23, 2009
Compact versions can be used at home as well as while traveling
by: Anonymous

- It is more effective in removing wrinkles than that of traditional Irons. It does not require placing the garments directly under the steamer
- It is available in various compact models, therefore it can be easily placed in suite cases while traveling.

- Steamers can become hot just like traditional irons so one must be cautious while the instrument is in use.
- One more disadvantage of the cloth steamer is some insurance companies may not cover steamer under there policy cover.

Originally developed to retain men’s hat shape in early 1940, Fabric steamers are now a day has become an essential house hold commodity.However, modern technology has replaced traditional system of direct hitting with pressure. Using of steam rather than pressure making it popular day by day and it is extremely easy to use and consumes less time without damaging most fabrics.

Compact versions can be used at home as well as while traveling. Moreover, it is safe to use on all domestic & commercial purposes. Costing about $ 32 my Conair Steamer GS4 is a really a cool instrument. It comes with compact design, heat registrant handle, auto power switch, water level marking etc. making it comfortable to use. Almost all type of linens, curtains can be de-wrinkled and delicate fabrics won't be damaged as it uses steaming method.

Sep 10, 2009
It does not get hot
by: Anonymous

- Lightweight
- Easy to store

- It do not work
- It does not get hot

When I moved away for college my mother, knowing her daughter will not iron, bought a steamer. I thought it was great idea. Especially since the dorm room did not allow to use irons but steamers were allowed.

I did not use it right away; I actually sent all my clothes to the cleaners just so I did not have to wash them, so the first discovery that it was a bad product came from my roommate. She is a dancer and she needed to steam her outfit. We plugged it up, waited about 10 minutes and it was not hot. About 30 minutes later it was warm my roommate went ahead and tried. It was not hot enough, and it was actually out of water.

So I decided to take it back to the store, the lady their said she had seen them come back a lot and she gave me a new one. This one we left plugged up for a hour and it was colder than the other one was. I did not have the receipt but I convinced the lady at the store to give me my money back so I could send my roommates clothes to the cleaners. There was this spot on her outfit.

We thought it was from the steamer so we took it down to the dry cleaner, finds out there was some kind of chemical leaking out of the steamer that left the mark. I am glad, that I over paid for this product because the money had to go to getting my roommate a new outfit.

Mar 17, 2009
Good for fabric sterilization
by: Douglas

I wanted a steam cleaner to clean garments, bedding, and anything I could steam to help keep germs and pests away. I also could not spend a lot of money, and was limited to one shopping outlet with a Gift card. So this took a bit of research (they had several) and I am decided this one was the better choice as it would heat up faster with it's 1200watt element. I am not upset and it worked OK.

It heats up pretty fast, is relativity easy to fill and dump any access. It works OK and puts out a steady stream and in a cold winter, in north facing kitchen, it didn't drip. Dripping is a complaint I read about and this one did fine with a good chill in our old drafty home. I used it on some pans and other items and this was not the intended use and all I can say is it is better at clothes, draperies and bedding.

Garments and fabric sterilization seems to be the best use of this item. But flat surfaces could be sterilized pretty easy in a pinch but lack any pressure to really move the dirt.

So if you need something for fabric, I can recommend it as it did not display the dripping and water spillage. It comes with a nifty hanger to put on top of a door to hang the fabric item to but has a long enough hose to sort of work on a mattress and furniture.

It holds an OK amount of water, so will last a bit but any more water may take way longer to heat and this may make it drip as it is at a point of not being exactly hot enough. 1200-Watt is a lot of electricity, so for those with older home be sure you don't put it on a loaded circuit, no 6 plug extensions that are full!

Feb 21, 2009
I found the hose too short
by: Mel

I have been wanting a garment steamer for awhile now and I finally found this one on a good sale and it seemed like a really great value. The main thing I wanted it for was to “iron” curtains and drapes - it is so difficult to get the creases out with normal irons. I have tried several methods -including using the dryer on air dry with no heat, and I had not had much success with any method. So I finally broke down and got this Conair steamer.

I really like it. It takes a little getting used to how to work it - so that you don’t end up with drips and end up with a mess, but once you get the hang of it, it works very well and is pretty simple to operate.

I thought I would just be using it for drapes mostly, but now I find it is pretty handy to have it ready to do a quick touch up on suits and blouses etc. It does a really great job in just a few seconds.

PLUS I hate taking things to the dry cleaners and I hate paying for that, so this is a good savings on doing that. I also use it on the bed sheets for smoother look. I never used to iron those, but they always looked kind of tacky all wrinkled.

The main thing I don’t like about this steamer is that the hose is too short - or the wand part could be longer.

Either way something could be done to lengthen it because you have to do some maneuvering to get the tops of the drapes while they are hung up. Sometimes I use the ironing board and do the sides that hang down. That works pretty well - if they are already off the window anyway.

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